Fleetwood Town (A) 17th Nov, 12.00 noon


defended well today pleased with a clean sheet,we just lack that little spark up front? hopefully deano has a couple of targets in mind for the january window.


Not true. They have kept more clean sheets than we have.


Good point, terrible game.


Got to say I thought he was outstanding and ploughed a loan furrow a lot of the time and held it up as well as he could without much support.

Ferrier did make a diff when he came on though and must start.


Thought it was a great game for a nil nil. Chances at both ends and two teams playing decent football.


As nil nils go it wasn’t bad at all. Be interesting what a neutral would say.


Nah thought it was pretty slow paced, passes constantly overhit, terrible crossing as already mentioned and when chances did come a lack of composure (luckily from Fleetwood). Most of the neutrals watching by me in the pub were bored out of their mind.

Not complaining at the point though, hopefully that can build a bit more confidence in the camp ahead of a tough run of games.


Everybody watching here in HK thought it was quite a good game for a 0-0. Mind you, it was just me - unless HKSaddler got to see it as well.


Man of the match



Mmmm got to disagree. They probably didn’t give a ■■■■ because it was Fleetwood Vs Walsall to be fair. Enough chances to make it a decent fame.


Mike Taylor from WM(someone who I rate) thought it was a good Division 1 game which we should have won .Another penalty denied apparently …perhaps one day our luck on those will change.


The BBC would seem to agree with you…
“Fleetwood Town and Walsall played out a lacklustre League One goalless draw at Highbury.
The chances were there but both sides lacked a cutting edge in the final third and a draw was a fair reflection of a forgettable affair on the Fylde coast.”
Still think that’s harsh.


Just the way I saw it, reminded me of the Blackpool 0-0 earlier this season.

First half was certainly Walsall, second half I felt Fleetwood were more likely to score as they were getting in plenty of dangerous crosses, Devlin made a really good block near the goal line during the pressure.

It just lacked quality for me but then again it’s two mid table league one teams so not the biggest shock.


We weren’t quick or decisive enough with our attacks,every time we had a chance of scoring their penalty area was full of their defenders and midfielders.So much for having 2 quick, skilful wingers.


“What a delivery from Ginnelly!”
“Great defending from Devlin!”



Such a lack of quality through the spine of the team. We do graft but there’s little guile to go with it.

Seeing Guthrie pass the ball out of play from the centre circle with no opposition player within 10 yards was a particular highlight.

Work in progress…


Decent point. Nice to get a clean sheet. And I gather I was indeed on the telly a few times.


I wondered when they would bring crime watch back :smiley:


Ssssshhhhh. :shushing_face::shushing_face:.

Was always more of a Police 5 fan. Keep ‘em peeled.


For a 0-0 I actually enjoyed the game.
Should have won but a point away from home and a clean sheet is not to be sniffed at.