Fleetwood Town (H) 9th Mar, 3pm


Try $3000 and five days, three of which were in the air or in airports… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Another reason I was chuffed after yesterday’s game was I had a fiver on Walsall and Bolton both to win returning £58.50 get in there :grin:( not bad from a sky diver.)


Well done! That was a brilliant performance we were organised and every player did a job.By the end there was only one team in it.I said a week or two ago amidst all the doom and gloom that there were loads of teams above us who would drop points and yesterday proved that.Minimum of two points from our next four games-not too ambitious- and we will have a real chance.


£4000 and 17 hours. I spent 4 days in the air and was diverted to Mogadishu where I was forced to defend the airport. The 36 hour return trip was fuelled by a single can of sprite and we had to eat the copilot.


I’ve travelled 6000 miles only for the games to be called off…


Norwich on Boxing Day when Lamert didn’t like a bit of snow on the pitch?


No. There have been a few, though.

Last Easter the Bradford game was called off because of a waterlogged pitch. The game the week before was a casualty of international call-ups.

There was another Easter when both games were called off because of internationals. I had already booked my flight.

Then there was one Christmas when my flight was arriving into Birmingham around midday - we had a home game at 3pm - and it was suddenly diverted to Newcastle. Snow. When we landed in Newcastle I found out that the game had been postponed because of the snow, as were the other two matches I was going to see.

I’ve had better luck when coming over in August. :grinning:


Apparently it’s Trevor Kettle tomorrow, so absolutely anything could happen :roll_eyes:


Yes and I forecast a win but then saw we had been given Kettle. Mind you he cannot be any worse than many others this year can he?


You’d have thought he’d have to go some to be worse than a lot of them. I’m sure he’ll give it a good go though :smile:


Let’s just hope he doesn’t allow things to boil over.


I dunno, better than trouble brewing over a few bad challenges.


Maybe he’ll chip in with a couple of decisions in our favour.


At least its not a cup game,he should latte the players latte some steam off.


Too many folk full of hot air on here…


Despite rumours to the contrary, I’ve heard he’s electric.


He will be in his element at the Banks’


In hear one of the ref’s assistants is a guy called Russell Hobbs (other referees assistants brands are also available!)


No doubt you’ll all be spouting off at him when he gets it wrong.


He’s one of the old ones , he’ll have a whistle too