Fleetwood Town (H) 9th Mar, 3pm


The most impressive aspect of today was just how professional the performance was. That’s how you would expect a title challenging side to perform against mid-table opposition, keep it tight in the first half, ramp up the tempo and intensity for 20 minutes to get ahead and then see the game out with little worry. A complete contrast to some of the games post Christmas.

I really hope Keates sticks with this 4-3-3 formation as Kinsella, Edwards and Dobson compliment each other so well in that crucial midfield space. The club should really be looking at those three to be the ‘spine’ of our side for the next couple of seasons.

A shout-out to all of back four aswell, who were excellent in both their defensive and attacking duties. Looking forward to Tuesday now!


Not sure what brand of Oranges they had at half time, but boy did it work. First visit of the season, and so pleased to get the win the performance - particularly the second half - deserved. Kinsella take a bow lad, massive energy and tenacious display. Dobson, Edwards, Gordon, Scarr, Guthrie, Zeli also special mentions. In fact a thoroughly professional job by the whole team. Commitment and desire in spades from them all. Also thought Devlin was excellent down the right in that critical period of the second half when we took the game away from them. Everyone then got on with their jobs to see the game out and secure the vital 3 points. Well done all. UTS


What a difference a win makes. That was a cracker.


Hope we’re ready for this lot.
Fists almost fly in High Wycombe


Long time reader but first time poster. Went today with tickets through my daughters school, great result today really enjoyed it thoroughly professional performance.

As mentioned before well done Luke leahy for making sure the young boy hit in the face was ok!!

I have to give a special mention to the utter scum bags though who smashed all the car windows in brockhurst crescent, luckily our car wasn’t broken into, but driving up there were at least 6 that had been! Dads with young kids trying to clear out the broken glass before they could go home will almost certainly have put a downer on the whole day turning an experience that should have been full of positives into a massive negative!

Probably all for a few quid in change - scumbags…


A mate of mine who is a Sunderland fan says it could be a sell out next week as they have to buy a ticket for our game to qualify for a Wembley ticket.


Great win yesterday. First half wasn’t brilliant and I wouldn’t say we were hanging on as such but if Fleetwood had scored I think we’d have struggled to get anything from it.

Second half though we looked a different side, as did Fleetwood and they couldn’t handle how quickly we got the ball forward down the right. Everyone put a good shift in and they can all go into these tough run of games full of confidence.

Hopefully we take the game to Pompey as they’ve looked a little shaky. We could definitely get a point.


Couldn’t believe how we shot up the table…:open_mouth:


Yeah without yesterday’s 3 points and the the 4 points we battled for against Bradford and burton. We would be sat next to Wimbledon at the bottom of the table and all feeling really gutted.
So a big well done to the players and staff for their efforts the last few weeks ( a little overdue) . But putting a smile back on saddlers faces . We now move on to the Portsmouth with players and fans alike in a POSITIVE Frame of mind . UTS


A strange 1st half, only made notable by the absence of a referee. Not sure what that bloke in the blue shirt was doing wandering around the pitch. I was rather reminded of those impromptu games of football we used to play after school down the park - no fouls, virtually anything went unpunished.
Anyway, the 2nd half was much more like it. Excellent performance all round, well done the lads.
If we can put the same amount of effort and discipline, combined with a bit of flair then Tuesday might not be as bad as feared.
Keep it up lads and all will be well! UTS.


Well my little adventure in the West Midlands is now over, and i’m about to board the ferry back home. I’ve managed to squeeze in three matches - Bradford, Burton and Fleetwood and they’ve all been excellent, albeit in different ways. Whilst Bradford was exciting, yesterday was just ruthlessly efficient, got the goals, controlled the game, restricted Fleetwood’s previously good strikers, and kept it tight when Fleetwood threatened to get back in the game. Job done. It was all doom and gloom before I got down here, but i’ve left with a much more positive, and healthier, atmosphere. This is the best three game spell I’ve seen in the 9 seasons i’ve been away from Walsall, and it’s been thoroughly enjoyable. My family drove home on Friday, but i stayed on for Fleetwood, and sacrificed a comfortable seat in the family car for 12 hours on the overnight National Express coach to Aberdeen instead. Luckily it was worth it! I wasn’t planning on getting to another game this season, but I have a sneaky feeling that Shrewsbury on the last day of the season might be ‘winner stays up’, so I might be down for that. Good luck to everyone for the rest of the season.


Zeli was fantastic yesterday BUT the old synic I am thinks hes just playing for a contract here or elsewhere, whoever he signs for come August/Sept he will be dross again.


I admire your resolve in travelling such a distance to watch the saddlers.
Makes my journey from Bilston a little paltry.
Hats off to you and all long distance travellers.


I quite liked the ref, he let the game flow and was not knit picking on 50/50’s


Oh that’s who he was - I did wonder…


Well done for coming all the way from the Orkneys…pity you couldn’t stay longer to bring us to safety!!!


Should have stopped him getting on the coach to Aberdeen…


My presence is no bringer of luck. I come down for a fortnight each year, and on previous occasions it’s usually been shocking! I spent £1000 and 5 days travelling for the Wembley game, and we all know how that went!


Great effort Orkney - makes me feel seriously guilty by staying away as an objection to our No1 fan when I live a few miles away :roll_eyes:


Well done for the effort of making the trip AND bringing us good fortune. It’s a great feeling as a Walsall supporter to hear such stories of dedication. Next time my wife moans about me going home and away I will tell her your story!
As for Wembley, it became an excuse for Smith to play his mates rather than an attempt to win an important match that 30K Walsall fans came to enjoy. On top of his walkout from the Club, another reason that denigrates everything else he helped us to achieve imo.