Flynn Hokey Cokey

No wins in 9

Earing not getting a game over Kinsella or Comley.

5 strikers and only 1 is decent.

Rubbish football.

Our better players are not even ours.

Abraham, DJT, Cashman and Comley, Hutchinson, WTF.

Time to p1ss off Flynn.

So - who do we get in?

We have had 2 of the biggest achievers in the managers chairs at our level in the last 3 years? One of which left us to get promotion in his first full season elsewhere?


Yeah, lets keep going through the same cycle as we have since Smith left.


Glad you are both :blush: and :clap:.

Im not prepared to keep giving money to watch this shite for 3 years until he comes across a winning formula.

Under Smith you could see a plan, Flynn just looks clueless.

I personally just think we have to get through it as long as we aren’t in danger of going down then see what happens in January and next pre season.

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Did I remember right that Smith had 2, 20 game winless streaks?

Tbh I think Flynn is more likely to walk before he is pushed, I’m not sure why I think that just get that sense from him.


I’m not happy, far from it, but its kind of near to what I expected. I did think we’d have a few more wins, but not flirting with the bottom third is progress.

What did you expect from this season? That isn’t me trying to antagonise, it is just an honest question. Personally, I think those expecting promotion are barmy.

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That is the ultimate aim though surely, or else what’s the point especially in league two.


I think his tactics, team selection and business in the transfer market is very alarming.

My hunch is that he is very stubborn kinda my way or the highway type of bloke and he can easily lose a dressing room.

Im fed up as anyone with this never ending merry-go-round of managers but…


Yes, but it’s a step too far this season imo.

Flynn has a stay of execution for me until the injured players are back - he’s not even been here a year yet.

I think are suffering more than he thought from the loss of Gordon and Riley - I think it’s really imbalanced the side and selections…

That said, he’s not helping himself with the negative tactics, strange subs, insistence on playing a midfield that doesn’t work, and benching Earing.


I think you’re right but they sure ain’t gonna get the same season ticket sales as they did this season if this season is another bottom half finish. Although ive been proved wrong before with how much we’ll support this club.

Expectations which filter down from the top of the club.
I don’t want to see the back of Flynn, but I wish he would be a bit more positive both on and off the pitch. He seems to have a bit of the DC’s about him when it comes to man management and motivation of his players.


It will be interesting to hear what he says post match today.

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You mean the DC that got Vale promoted?

I don’t think they will unless progress is seen this season. For me, progress is improved performances on the pitch, not having to worry about the bottom two at all and bringing through younger players who will benefit the club in the future.

I know at the moment this is clearly missing, but I do think (maybe blind optimism) Flynn will get it right. We need to find a style of play to suit and stick to it.


Injuries aren’t helping and we now have another one.I will get there I can promise you that,the usual stuff but I just can’t see where we go after him that’s the only reason I think we have to get through this.

Yep, him.
Means fook all when it comes to my comments above.

Trivela get a pass in regards to how they view(ed) the board on the completion of the takeover. This is the problem for me, as it is the one consistent in this whole debacle since Smith left.

Hopefully in time, they’ll be able to see it for what it is and make relevant changes.


Said all the shit you’re saying 4 months ago

You’re welcome


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