Former players - where are they now?

Don’t bite. Don’t bite. Don’t bite.


To quote Tonto: “We white man?”

Greeces defensive approach was fair enough for Greece. They didn’t have the absurd wealth of attacking options Safegate does.


He’s stubborn. The more people call for Rico’s inclusion, the deeper Southgate will dig his heels in…as was the case with Grealish.

I wonder, is there a Premiership club who would take Southgate as manager? I think not.


I’d even go as far as suggesting that his lack of attacking intent as a person and as a manager has probably cost us either a euros or a World Cup semi final and maybe even a final with Morocco waiting for us in the next round.Look at the Euro 2020 final, we took the lead after 2 minutes then created absolutely nothing, sat back and lost on penalties.


Tom Leak signs for Boston United after being released by Kidderminster

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Dan Scarr signs a new two year contract at Plymouth

Decent move that.


Beg to differ on your England Stance.

Sadly Rico isn’t cut out for England. He’s not good enough. As an England fan I’d rather Shaw Chilwell or Tripper (out of position) play left back.

File Rico in the same category as Mitchell the lad from Palace as a solid PL full back but not an international.

Can’t pedal this Safegate rubbish either he’s picked players from Palace Brighton etc

Rico is good - but not that Good

& @Scooby2167 credit to GS on where he’s took this Eng side from 2016. How old are you ? What are your best memories watching Eng ? Mine were 90 and 96 until 2018. The guys done good.

I’m 42 this year mucka my first real World Cup was Italia 90 and the Semi Final penalty loss to West Germany on what I do believe was my 9th birthday(4th July).Then the obvious ones Gascoigne’s goal in 96, Owens in 98 against Argentina, Beckhams free kick against Greece in 2001 the standard stuff that would be in any England fans top 5 moments depending on age of course.


What a long winded way of telling everyone when your birthday is, I’d already wrapped you a little something but you won’t get it now.

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I knew someone would see through my cunning plan :man_facepalming:t2:


Andy Cook - new 3 year deal signed at Bradford today

That’s some commitment by Bradford but then on 20k crowds they can afford it.

Wasn’t he about 27-28 when he signed here and that was 5 years ago now although dosen’t feel as long as that.

Three year deal for someone in their 30s and club hesitate to give 22-23 year olds that length, that’s where the business model needs to tweaked I think if people want a replica of what Peterborough do.

Edit: 33 in October although it’s a simple case I guess of just getting out of league 2 as soon as possible and more likely with Cook in their team.

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Cook scored over 30 goals last season and will continue to score goals in the future.What we’d give for a 30+ goal striker who had just penned another 3 year deal with us.


Cook scored 18 goals for us in 2018/19, but put in a transfer request, probably to get away from a certain element in the Walsall crowd, who gave him a lot of abuse for some reason.

We are believed to have been paid £150,000 by Mansfield. He was hardly a success for them though, scoring only 10 goals over two years and going out on loan twice before being signed by Bradford.

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He’s not exactly easy on the eye but he’s played to his strengths and the other’s know how to service him.I didn’t mind Cook personally all I care about is the ball hitting the back of the net as far as a strikers concerned.

Wasn’t just him that got abuse though was it?

It was the whole team because we were getting relegated and he was the only player that reacted in the way that he did


The guy’s only human, if any of us were being given the abuse that he was, wouldn’t WE react too?

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