FourFourTwo League 2 Prediction

Bad news I’m afraid. We’re predicted to finish 18th.

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Bit of a conventinal-wisdom table, that (as is oft the case, below the Championship).

No way are Swindon finshing Top 10, nor are Sutton going down.

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On the contrary, good news! Better to be underestimated and Graydon’s team was one of the favourites for relegation. I’d say that, relative to last season, Daniels and Evans were two of our successes and we still have them and the players coming in are at least as good, and in most cases better than the ones we have lost.


How did I know it :joy:

Blows my mind that people still state this every summer with absolute certainty.


Wouldn’t be so sure on Wrexham considering Paul Mullin suffered a punctured lung against Man Utd this morning …

Saw someone say that 442 have to submit their league predictions months in advance, hence why their predictions always seem abit off.

It’s just lazy writing. 4-4-2 writers sitting down saying “who are the big teams? Put them near the top and then the teams we haven’t heard of down the bottom.”


Agree entirely …lovely to be underestimated. Pin it up in the dressing room is my advice and get it into the players heads that they are better than that. BTW where were Stevenage expected to finish this time last year!

Last year’s predictions.

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They got Hartlepool right but little else I see. Waste of space!

Noone knows. Im sick of the hype over Notts and Wrexham… its just media hype, thats it.

Other than Mullin, their squad is L2 standard, same as county.

But, it is a tougher league, thats for sure.


Nah - they got it spot on. It was the teams that got it all wrong. :rofl:


I think Notts and Stockport for the league tbf

And Mansfield :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Couldn’t agree more. A few days ago, the BBC League Two news featured 4 stories on Wrexham in the top 8! Now, they even have 2 stories on the main page of BBC Sport together with a full match report on their win in a pre-season friendly, together with a number of photos of this important occasion.

As for Mullin, seems he was on the end of a nasty challenge in that pre-season friendly and will be missing at least the start of the season with a punctured lung. I hope Wrexham aren’t too deflated.


Lazy was the first thing I thought as well.

I’m guessing he has said it more out of subjective opinion that outright certainty (we’d need some hard data and stats to prove that!!:wink:) but i think most people feel we have done quite well in our acquisitions this summer, especially in midfield with the likes of stirk and tierney coming in and the likes of labadie and kinsella leaving.

Out of interest, how would rate the players coming in against those that left in the respective areas of the pitch (defence, midfield and attack)?
I haven’t included goalkeeper as we basicslly have what we ended last season with!!

I mean, when you state a player is better than another I’d guess you are doing so with some certainty in your own mind, subjective or not :man_shrugging:

I’m a bit worried the squad is very similar to last season on the whole.

As for the transfers themselves, as they have the last few seasons they range from
Impressive (Farquharson, Tierney, DJ), to whelmed (Stirk, Draper), to underwhelmed (Hussey, Oteh, DJT).

But you’re never going to be one hundred percent sold on every transfer, I prefer to look at it as a whole. In my honest opinion it looks very solid and mid table.

Some might say that’s fine, but if that’s the case I don’t see the progression.

I’d like to see us fill out or loan allocations, there’s a rumour of a centre half already, which I like. RWB and possibly an out and out winger and I’ll feel more optimistic about the season.

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To be fair the preview in the magazine is written by a guy called Gab Sutton who is very knowledgable on this league. He has posted on here from time to time I think.

Let’s not forget we have a complete rookie in charge and have been crap for years. It’s understandable that neutrals don’t expect much.


I am not sure the supporters do either! But these things go to press weeks before, possibly before many of the signings.

The other thing about predictions is that you cannot know about serious injuries or loan recalls. The predictions for us last year might have been accurate for the team on paper.