Freedom day? - Football next season

One rule and all that :wink:

Spoke to our ticket office when purchasing my Albion tickets earlier. Asked if/when tickets for the Cheltenham game will go on sale to our fans as nothing been announced yet and was told they were waiting for Cheltenham to confirm the arrangements. I then asked if they expected to be selling them or will we have to go to Cheltenham’s site to do it (and also pointed out that Cheltenham are already selling them to their own fans)? Got put on hold while they checked and was told I was best ringing Cheltenham as our office didn’t know what the plan would be. So phoned Cheltenham’s ticket office and they told me that discussions have been started with Walsall but the ball is currently in our court. They’ve sent a load of tickets to Coventry for the earlier friendly against them so would expect it to be the same for us but I’d be best asking our ticket office as Cheltenham were waiting on them! :man_facepalming:

I’m getting good at this twitter thingy…news from Tranmere…


So they are definitely selling away tickets for Sunderland friendly which is 10 days before our fixture.


You can’t catch Covid during a friendly.

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Just had this reply from my first ever tweet :joy:


I’ve just doubled your amount of followers.

You’ll be calling yourself an influencer soon.


Andy when you get through to the ticket office, ask them how we are supposed to purchase away tickets, when they don’t open the ticket office window :man_facepalming:, that’s what ya get i suppose when them in the office ain’t got a clue.

Yet more bonkers stuff from those in power its all about blackmailing the youngsters into getting vaccinated.

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Not just youngsters, yes they’re a specific target at the moment but this will apply to everyone and will continue to apply to everyone.

Don’t worry though it’s simple just do as you’re told or get your freedom restricted and don’t forget to carry and show your papers/app to prove you’re doing as your told or get your freedoms restricted. That will be the app which if you associate or go near anyone who doesn’t do what their told will ping you and your freedom will be restricted, and if you disobey that your freedom will be taken away. Better shun those people and lay scorn on them till they come in line.

That will be the app that unless the terms have been modified (I haven’t checked as I won’t have it) you give permission to store all you med history and family members and your police record and detail of anything you may have been accused of but not found guilty of.

No need to worry though cuz this won’t impact the important work of government as non of this will really apply to those people, they can be trusted to be sensible etc, but everyone else is stupid and need to be told and controlled. It’s for the greater good don’t you know.

What’s the word for all this, authoritarian, errrm, tyranny, eeerm dictatorship, errrm oh no freedom that’s it.

Happy freedom day everybody!


As I said on the covid thread, the notion that elected public servants can suddenly re-invent themselves as terrorisors of those that they are paid to serve, and the fact that some people think this is acceptable, is part of the manifest covid insanity.

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Can’t stand all these ‘I’ll do what I like cus I’m young’ careless, unthinking fools who refuse the jab are about to commit us into a huge third wave as they unknowingly spread it around.
Those who refuse to be jabbed that get covid should be refused medical treatment…
Yes I know this belongs on the covid thread but their attitude might eventually end up with football being played yet again in soulless empty stadiums.
Out and about in magnificent Cheshire countyrside yesterday and nothing, nothing has changed, masks being worn everywhere, separate queues in and out of indoor venues,
everyone treating everyone like typhiod-Mary, no touching, no hugs. Freedom day? freedom day my *rse!


It’s people’s personal choice whether they have the vaccine but personally I don’t see why you wouldn’t lessen the chances of it seriously affecting you whilst you have the choice.

It may be a smaller chance you’ll be seriously affected if you’re younger but it’s not a given.

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You haven’t availed yourself of a recently re-opened nightclub then?

Will probably change in next two months but as it stands the plan is to only bring it in for stadiums over 20k.

Already an issue with that as Brentford’s new ground only holds 15k I think but they need to comply with all other premier league grounds.

I still think that’s the right way of doing it as not logical at all to insist if 200-300k away fans will be scattered around 2 or 3k away end but then common sense in short supply over last 18 months.

Tranmere away tickets now on sale on Sunderland e-ticket do-da.

They’re on sale for us tomorrow

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Lovely. Any idea on allocation we’re being given? Can’t see anything on either clubs OS

Not announced yet. Believe an initial allocation of over 1000. All being well it will be out tomorrow.

Regardless, we are getting tickets!