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FYI - No Cash Turnstiles v Cov


Cheers Welsh - got to be worth a couple of pints for you!

Thanks again.

The supporters put the club to shame.


As they (sometimes) say round by 'yur … “Ddim problem” :wink:


oh ■■■■ what a shame i was thinking of going as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nail heads.


you :rofl:


[quote=“Exile, post:24, topic:1879, full:true”]
Nail heads.



Gonna get there half time…and walk in the Homeserve with the smokers,for 2nd half.

Can’t be arsed being ■■■■■■ about.


:joy: i remember years ago, i used to turn up at the main gates at fellows park, and say to the guy on the door " had to move the car mate can i get back in?" never failed :joy:


Makes you wonder how the useless old ■■■■■ made his money making bog handles in the old days tbh. The sooner he shuts down the pretence of a football club on his retail park/■■■■ tribute act site, the better for the true stakeholders (ie. Bonser family forever). Looking forward to the ticket collection queue tomorrow.


are they really trying to make things awkward for fans or are they completely stupid?


I think both :worried:


Just try and imagine what it must be like to work for our No 1 fan.
Surrounded by yes men who have no authority whatsoever to do or change things, even simple ones, that are so obviously wrong,not working,need change,upgrade/investment etc.
Disinterested workers on minimum wages, the place a souless husk, stagnating, meandering along without any kind of vibrant management or leadership, no business plan other than “how much have i made"offering no interest or prospects for promotion/advancement/learning.
He is an outdated 1970s businessman who runs the club along the same "minimum investment and count the money" business model that i and am sure a lot of you remember. What happened to those businesess that didnt or couldnt change? Well, we all know the answer to that dont we? But unlike the harsh realities of business he has a” nice little earner" out of WFC and has the regular income of you, the hard core fans who will never turn there back on the club and he knows that.
And so the fun goes on and on, benefitting one man and his family never to change, and why should it?


Well said, shady.


Surely this is all a joke?
How could ANY football club in the world make it so difficult for it’s home supporters to get into a match?
As I said above, just beggars belief.
Due to where I now live, I can usually only get to away matches in the North’ish if work doesn’t come first. I can only think of one match, at the Blades where getting in to the ground was slightly time consuming (ie collecting a ‘ticket’ from a dedicated queue in their own ticket office, indoors incidentally) otherwise it has always been, roll up pay your money and get in.
In my memory paying cash at the turnstile at the Bescot has always been awkward, so I normally pay in advance over the phone and collect my ticket, from the ever so slightly less busy queue on the day of the match.


And 25 quid?

Seriously? Someone needs a proper think about pricing policy.


They’ll hide behind policing restrictions, but this is just another example of the how little the club value the match day experience of regular supporters.


Surely most regular supporters will either be season tickets holders or buy in advance to get the discount rather than pay-on-the-day (whch is only ever available in Homeserve lower anyway - BTW that is the Tile Choice’s name now if you hadn’t noticed).

There is a collection-only window on if you bought over the phone/online, and no queue to speak of at thr oyher windows half an hour ago, so why the drama? Many clubs don’t even offer a cash gate option at all these days and people are having a go at us suspending it for one game in case any chancer away fans try getting in our end?? Jeez people, get things in proportion!


Think you have missed the point here Andy, If like me, you were to go mostly to away fixtures it is VERY rare not to find cash turnstiles!


I’ve been to several in our league that don’t - many grounds, even at our level, are moving to unmanned gates. At Burton in the Checkatrade when only 1 stand open, and that only sparsely populated, it was ticket-only so cash gates are becoming the exception not the rule.

Is stopping at the ticket office on your way past to the Homeserve that much of an inconvenience? Does having to do that really mean you’d rather miss a game altogether???


Sunderland bought less than 1000 last week yet unless you had a WFC booking history you couldn’t get into the game. Whoever sets the policy at the club needs to be given a dose of common sense. Such a difficult club to support! Anyway the good news is it only cost me £43 for me and 15 yr old lad today.