FYI - No Cash Turnstiles v Cov


Seething mass of humanity at the ticket office at 2.30.


i would have walked away from that mass :grin:


I know Coventry are not a particularly a big draw for us, but around 3,600 home fans demonstrates that the clubs apparent ‘policy’ of making it as difficult as possible for Walsall fans to attend matches, whilst maximising the income from away fans, is working. A big well done to Bonser and his fellow directors - hopefully some of them did what they could not be a**** to do for the AGM and attended the game yesterday.


Another point someone might be able to clear up for me.

Before the Sunderland game in the league, I spent pre-match in the Stadium Suite and then headed off back down and outside to go into the lower tier with my ticket to go to my usual spot. I did occur to me that were I so inclined I could well have just carried on upstairs into the upper tier and sat in one of the scores of empty seats. Nobody had checked my ticket at any stage, or to even see if I had one at all. I wish it had occurred to me before because I’d have gone up and tried out of curiosity. Are there stewards actually checking this?


They are as apathetic as the kiosk staff :smirk:


I was not checked the first time as I went to my seat in Upper Block 4 but was checked a second time. I used two different entrances so it’s clearly not consistently done.


Imagine my surprise :laughing:


…you walking toward’s it lately would of been a first , sorry second ( even if you went to the wrong bar ) :rofl:


In a nutshell you can just about go anywhere you want I’m thst stand without being checked .


[quote=“Mazza01, post:49, topic:1879, full:true”]
In a nutshell you can just about go anywhere you want I’m thst stand without being checked .
[/quote]…and that statement is the only one they will react to.


This is a team any Walsall fan should be able to get behind. Some fantastic drama, big games against the likes of Sunderland and local derbies with Cov / Shrews and a manager from the area who was a fairly recent fans favourite.

So why the ■■■■ are our attendances now plummeting?! There was more coming under Whitney! Can’t even scrape 4k at home on a Saturday atm.

We are doing this topic to death on this thread and the ‘chips in the lower’ forum, where @P.T’s recent post just about sums it up.


It’s the board , the town doesn’t believe in the fools running the club . Years upon years of mistakes have ground the fans into submission.

Until that changes attendances will continue to dip.

You will find that all of the clubs that surround us would have benefited of the back of this.


It’s not that they’re bigger, it’s that we think small.

Your other comment about people disliking the board? Jeff was found out years ago and word is spreading.


Yes that’s the point , we have skipped a generation.

It’s going to take something special to turn this around.


Must say, I brought on the day Saturday and it really wasn’t a big issue. I arrived at about 2:15 and it took maybe ten minutes to get into the ground and grab a pint.

I still have issues with the buy on the day service anyway but not having cash turnstiles really didn’t matter. you can only go in block 5 anyway which is usually empty so it doesn’t seem to be that popular.


Yep when we only get 3000 home fans in attendance, queing will never be an issue.

Maybe something the club were aware of.