George Miller

Martin Murray, according to Wiki. Although it was before my time this song is one of my favourites from the 60s. One for the pop pickers who enjoyed seeing a band smartly dressed in suits and ties. Woman on drums must have been quite ground breaking too.

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I think more Austin Powers myself.

Talking of Penfold, about four years ago I was on the pitch at Old Trafford at half time taking a pen. Was against Newcastle and the pens were at the scoreboard end so the end where the Newcastle fans were. As I stepped up a chorus of “are you Penfold in disguise?” came from the Newcastle fans. Which was a bit harsh. Had I been Penfold in disguise I would have worn a wig and removed the bins!

My big regret was that the compère on the pitch asked who my favourite Man Utd player was - I responded with Martial as he was front of mind as he’d just scored. In retrospect I wish I’d said Mads Timms!

Anyway - I scored (past their academy keeper). Top corner in a Martin O’Connor style. 70 odd thousand or not, I still maintain penalty taking isn’t that hard!!

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Andy Rammell, surely.

Have you seen the film Telstar: The Joe Meek Story? A good watch I thought, especially for music fans who did their apprenticeship in the 60’s.

Miller, Miller
Da da da da da da,
He’s a saddler!
Da da da da da

He scores us loads of goals
So we should just sign him up!

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That’s exactly what I thought would happen and the goals would be ruled out.

Yes. In fact I knew little of him until I saw the film and educated myself retrospectively. As ever with these biopics there was some conjecture over some of the accuracy (especially as it relates to Heinz) but from what I’ve read it was a pretty accurate portrayal.

To the Bangles Manic Monday

It’s just another Miller matchday (Woah, woah)
I wish it was everyday (Woah, woah)
Scoring for fun today (Woah, woah, woah, woah)
He can f***ing run all day (Woah, woah)
It’s just another manic Miller day


I think ‘Miller Time’ instead of Hammer time (by MC Hammer) would be good! The music could be played over the tannoy and then the crowd could all go a bit mental! :crazy_face:

Miller could even do a simulated baggy trousers style goal celebration! :joy:

Seriously though, isn’t it great to have a striker that looks like he knows where the back of the net is? I bet Matt Taylor (plus Fullarton and the chairman) are delighted! :red_circle::white_circle::green_circle:

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George Millers on fire, your defence is terrified and play the song when he scores…no ok :rofl:

But would get the Bank’s pumping

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Not sure I approve of him playing cricket under an alias.

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If ever you were wondering why fans have so many different opinions on matches played and the players involved, this post highlights it for me.

For the record, I think Jack Blatherwick (if that’s whose picture it is) looks more like Brendan Kiernan.

See what I mean?

What about,
To the tune of Saturday night fever - BeeGees

George Miller, George Miller,
You know where the goal is !

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To the tune of New York, New York

Get ready Port Vale (change to whoever we’re playing!
He’s scoring today
He loves being part of it
Miller, miller


That could be very apt for when he gets 15-20 goals and other clubs come sniffing round, because we could change the wording to
" start spreading the news he’s leaving today" :joy:


The great songwriters of this country have nothing to fear from yow lot :sunglasses:

Not sure the bad ones have got that much to fear either.:wink:


Funny you should say that? because that is what my old band mates said to me back in the 80’s :grin: