Gillingham (H) 18th August, 3pm


"The Kentishmen will … rise …
for they are … full of spirit"


(And before anyone starts being pedantic about “Kentishmen” and “Men of Kent”, I’m well aware of the different usage, but if it’s good enough for Shakespeare then it’s good enough for me. Now, as for the game…)

Here we are, three competitive games into the new season, and I feel sure that not many people would have seriously predicted the situation in which we find ourselves. Undefeated, over the first hurdle in what may be a Cup Run, and with a goal difference of 6-3 :open_mouth: Well, hang on to your hats because Gillingham’s start practically mirrors ours … they are 100% in their League One games and only went out of the League Cup at Millwall on penalties, having kept a clean sheet for the 90 minutes. Over their 3 games they have a goal difference of 5-1 - results so far:-

Aug 4th Accrington Stanley (A) Won 0-2
Aug 11th Burton Albion (H) Won 3-1
Aug 14th Millwall (A - League Cup) Drew 0-0 Millwall through 3-1 on penalties

In the League One table Gillingham are comfortably in the play-off zone, being one of only 5 teams with maximum points after the 2 games. We, of course, are only 2 points behind them, so a Saddlers’ win on Saturday will see us leap-frog over them at the very least. One of the contributors to a Gills’ forum points out that their League position may be slightly misleading, as their 2 opponents so far have come from the group of teams predicted to struggle, whereas our matches have been against Plymouth Argyle and Scunthorpe United, both rated pre-season as likely to be pushing for promotion. As always, time will tell …

Dean Keates has the pleasant “headache” of deciding which of his umpteen in-form squad to select for this game. The changes he made for last night’s encounter at Prenton Park were only 3 in number, and I would expect Liam Roberts to resume his place. The other two (Wilson for Devlin, and Kinsella for Osbourne) are not so certain. There does seem to be a bit of a fitness issue with Osbourne, and reports of the Tranmere game do say that Kinsella didn’t disappoint. I’m unsure of the current ruling on bookings leading to suspensions, but George Dobson already has 2 yellow cards to his name - and his will be a hard act to follow. The strike force pretty well takes care of itself, but perhaps Josh Gordon will get more than a cameo role for the final 10 minutes or so…

Prediction? I’m always uneasy about games against Gillingham, mostly because way back in my youth Gillingham were definitely our bogey team - they always seemed to win against us by 1-0, with Brian Yeo constantly making our keeper pick the ball out of the net. However, I don’t think Yeo is part of their current set-up, so I’ll go for a 2-1 home win, with Cook (at last!) and Ferrier scoring.



We have started the season well and so have they, I will go for a 1-1 with Cook getting our goal.


As I posted elsewhere I am elsewhere but I hope the entertainment continues…2-2 in a match full of chances and near misses.


Should be entertaining at least. I read on Twitter earlier that between the 2 teams we’ve had a combined total of 92 shots across our opening 3 games.

Cue 0-0.

I think we will win 3-0 or 3-1


There will be goals Saturday I’m sure of it. Think it’ll be a 3-1 either way. Cor wait!!


We beat them 6-1 on an Easter Saturday when I were a lad. The same score line would be nice!


I think it will be 2-1 to us,Ismail and Leahy with the goals, attendance 4,288.


I’m away this weekend and genuinely gutted to be missing this one. Bloody love being excited about games again!

I think we’ll win this one and hopefully we get a clean sheet to go with it.


I’d actually be ok with Devlin coming back into the side. Reports suggested Wilson had an average game against Tranmere and, like Leahy on the other side, he looks a much better player under Keates. Osbourne plays if fit but not too worried about Kins stepping in considering his performances if not. I wonder if our current diminutive ball winning midfielder is taking a few tips off anybody? :thinking:

1-0 win I reckon. I love all this terrorising full backs stuff we are doing but it would be nice to keep a clean sheet.


3 - 0 to the Saddlers (due a clean sheet…)

Ferrier (2)

UTS!!! :slight_smile:


Trevor Kettle is our match official…




Compulsory red card for us and bizarre decisions then! Really looking forward to this as I missed the Plymouth game due to holidays. I haven’t felt this positive since the 15/16 season I am hoping that we go 2-0 down early doors only to come back and win 3-2, Devlin in the 99th minute as Trevor Kettle forgets to blow for full time.


When I said it would be entertaining I didn’t know who the referee would be…oh dear…


Oh Nil you are getting carried away…it would be nice but very unlikely.Have fun…


I’ll be there with the genuine Geordies, ie missus and son. And me and the lad are off to Rochdale next week!! Happy days, (i.e. off work!!)


Dunn really impressed vs Tranmere and all through pre-season to be honest but until Roberts drops a few clangers then he is our number one. So Dunn out, Wilson out for Roberts and Devlin. Unsure on Kinsella or Osbourne. I feel a lot more confident with a physical presence like Osbourne in the middle but Kinsella would be unlucky to miss out.

They’re confident so I expect them to have a go but hopefully it’ll play into Ginnelly’s and Zeli’s hands.

Walsall 4-2 Gillingham. Goals, lots of them.


We’ve already started playing well away and winning cup matches - if we suddenly become consistent at home too there might be something Graydon-ish going on.




Cook, Cooke and Cuck with the goals.

All three then enter into a table, ladders and chairs extravaganza in the centre circle with The Bonemeister selling tickets at twenty quid a pop.

4872 in attendance


Would be nice to see the gate reach 5000+ again Saturday but don’t expect Gillingham to bring up anymore than 500 so unlikely

I’m going with a 1-1 - Cook with the goal