Golden Oldies

A little light hearted debate. Following on from Peter Clarke’s signing, who would be our last, how would you say, golden oldie?

A player who came to us in the twilight of their careers and still performed admirably, instead of just picking up their wage each week, whilst doing F all else.

One for me that springs to mind is Don Goodman. Never forget the afro wigs which were sold in around town before the Play-off final vs Reading.


I think Jimmy Walker was 37 when he came back and did well for us.

Neil Pointon was mid-30’s when he was with us.


Martin Butler for me, superb player gave his all


In the early days of bescot when we had Derek Statham you could tell there was a bit of class about him

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Alistair Brown, was 32. We let him go to Vale after a season, too soon imo

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Roy Whalley was 75 when he sorted Poundland


Derek Mountfield was a class player for us. Loved watching him play.


Vinny Samways.


Wasn’t Barry Horne about 40 when we signed him?

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Ray Train debuted for us in 1967 and some twenty years later, after playing for several other clubs he was back on the staff at Fellows Park under Tommy Coakley. After an awful start to Coakley’s first season, Train was back in the team and really did a fine job in steadying the ship.

In that second spell he must have been 36/37?


I know we ended up signing Charlie Tarmac instead, but Kenny Hibbert attempted to sign a 38 year old Roger Milla after seeing him score against Argentina in the 1990 World Cup (he played on until he was 44).

As they say - if you’re good enough then you’re old enough. If you’re still good enough, then your young enough.


Roger Hynd from Blues & Mick Bates from Leeds

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Tommy mooney and jon macken did okay for us late in their careers.


31 when he re-signed for us. Just a babby. :baby:

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Kevin Macdonald did a decent job for us I thought.

Andy Tillson wasn’t bad!! Same position as Clarke and we went up with him at centre back. Think he was 36 when Sir Ray signed up from Rovers. Just goes to show…

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Adam Chambers

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Danny Guthrie

34 when the season kicked off.