Goodison Park, 1972, who was there?

Just stumbled across this on Youtube - some very extended “highlights” and not a bad picture quality.

Any UTSers there at Goodison that day?


Yes,I went on the special train.I think there were about 80 coaches went too,happy days :wink:

Went to it from Manchester where I was a student.

Wow, the picture quality is excellent bearing in mind how long ago it was.

I was 12 and went with my Dad and my brother. I remember us being worried because Mark Wallington had to step in for Bob Wesson who was injured. We needn’t have worried - Wallington played a blinder and was transferred to Leicester soon after.

I remember being amazed at the size and height of the cantilever stand we sat in. Also, my Dad had paid for us to go to the game on a luxury coach and the trip incuded a 3 course meal at a pub near Haydock Park. The whole package cost £3 and we had to promise not to tell Mom about the meal!


I was there and as the highlights show we put up a good performance. My best memory of the trip was the time spent in a nearby pub where we we had a great time with some Everton fans.

Thought they were called “Sunshine” buses in those days Sid. Didn’t realise you were special :smile:

I was a season too young in 72 for away games :relieved:

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My dad took me and my brother in the car. It was the first time we came across the “Can I mind your car for you, mister?” protection racket. Fortunately my dad paid the 10p or whatever so the wheels were still there when we got back.

There were about 500 of us came out of Lime street station,we were all chanting and enjoying the day, then all of a sudden 100’s of Everton fans ambushed us,all hell broke loose…:grinning:


Went with my Dad on a coach. We were opposite the seemingly huge three tiered stand.
Great to watch that again and makes an easy reminder of what supporting the club was all about in those days. Effort and endeavour was what we got, if not the results. Having watched again I long for the days where a game was allowed to be competitive, had an absence of petulance, without time wasting and spoiling tactics. Nice to hear simple but effective commentary too.
Rose tinted specs aside; happy days.

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My very first away game even tho had been attending home games since 65
Went on a coach my late father organised from aluminium bronze in wallows lane

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Was also my first away day. Went with my dad and remember sitting in a stand that felt like you were in the clouds. Bernie Wright played a blinder as they bought him just after. Didn’t know he was a nutter and soon got sacked for chinning the 1st team coach. They dont make like that anymore.

Both of my parents, bizarrely. One of whom, never, ever went again (until Wembley) LOL

I was there.

Yep, I was there

20 years before my time, would love to see us at Goodison though. Preferably a night game. Just seems a proper ground to watch football under the lights.


Went up on train ,remember turning up at station in crombie and tonic suit most of the lads looked like they were of to work my comment of you could of made an effort was met with derision and do you know we’re we going amid much laughter. Could write a book on that one day out .

I was there with Dad and brother-in-law. Remember sitting in the stand opposite the cantilever and couldn’t believe how big it was. Their announcer had to confirm Chopper Evans’s goal as it happened right on the final whistle.

Been there a few times but never seen us there. You’re right about it being a proper old school ground but you cross the park and see how far they have been left behind by Liverpool.

The strange thing about Goodson is that they get nearly 40,000 every week and yet most weeks manage to be quieter than 3,000 at our place. Not exaggerating.

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If memory serves that League Cup defeat to Yeovil early in Whitney’s first season cost us a (theoretical) midweek game at Everton.

Old Trafford, Maine Road, Craven Cottage and Elland Road aside, we supporters of the Bescot era haven’t seen us play at many of the classic English stadiums.

Is it true we never played a competitive game at White Hart Lane?

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It’s been a long time since we played a competitive game against anyone Simon…:grinning: