Griffiths Gone back to the Wolves

Sad to see Harvey being recalled. Will we be able to field a team on Saturday…worried

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don’t think he was good enough and there’s 0 way of him getting in over, earing, hutch comley, stirk etc. Free’s up funds to go and bring someone else in

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Lets hope its quick. I feel worried that our injuries /recalls will derail the momentum

Was he on loan to us?

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Not really, best for both parties. Would rather have Maher andThomas on the bench,great youth prospects and one of our own.
Also pleased we’re doing business early, Weir and Earing signed,Marvellous and Griffiths moved on.


Recalled by Wolves rather than us sending him back.

Is he injured ?
Reason I ask is why wouldn’t he have been the 7th sub yesterday ?

Surely that’s just the terminology used rather than what’s actually happened. I can’t see any benefit to him being at Walsall

Can’t really blame them. He needs to be playing football, which he hasn’t been with us.

The website just says he’s returned it doesn’t say he’s been recalled.

He’s got absolutely nowhere near the team so wouldn’t be surprised either way as clearly we don’t rate him and wolves would certainly of wanted him playing more as he played in the cup for them.

Strange one to bring in, with no real intention of playing him, even in much leaner times than now.

I wonder if that’s where the budget ran a little thin in bringing in a midfielder until Earing was fit again.

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I agree. I think we can expect a signing or two before Stockport.

I’d trust our site over the express and star
Harvey Griffiths returns to Wolverhampton Wanderers - News - Walsall FC (

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Wolves site

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Can understand it. Currently can you see him getting a sniff?

Reading the wolves site he was recalled because he just wasn’t getting the game time. That’s fair enough. I never even saw Harvey play but says he made 3 appearances?


I know he came on as sub at Salop in the Thingy Trophy, and he started against FGR in the same competition. He was taken off against FGR after an hour or so. He also came on for a few minutes against Sutton, and we didn’t concede while he was on the pitch.

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Missed a h there bond007, it only reads as ‘site’…


To be honest from what I saw he didn’t justify much more of a start.