Guess the Attendance?

1000 sold so far according to the latest Twitter update, so with still 2 weeks to go AND pay on the gate(?) we should get closer to that 1500 - especially if the next couple of games are positive results/performances.


Ye you’d expect to sell a few hundred more easily, looks good.

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I think we should have done a ticket offer this weekend vs Harrogate being the game after armistice day. It looks as though there’s a school’s ticket offer thing on for the Rochdale game because a lot of tickets are sold in the family stand not many tickets sold at all for this weekend, everyone probably skint after the away games we’ve had lately

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LP said last night he was looking at doing an offer. Leaving it late now though.

Are you sure he said for this weekends game it’s Wednesday tomorrow what kind of deal is he going to do in the next 4 days, I’d honestly let people in for free , It sounds a bit mad but it would be interesting to see how many people turned up I think it was Leyton Orient or Brentford did something like that " pay what u can afford" I think it was so in theory you could pay a penny they still didn’t sell out :rofl:

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I just looked it up it was Brentford vs Stevenage the game got postponed due to bad weather 10,000 tickets were sold but only 7,000 turned up for the rearranged match on a Tuesday night.
I bet they don’t struggle to sell tickets now they are in the premier league.

Friend’s for a fiver now on Saturday .
Be the usual queues at the ticket office and turnstiles I’ll get there early I think.

The low roof makes gives acoustical value for money on any noise you make.

The huge capacity means that we never (apart from one notable day a few years ago) need to fret about getting a ticket unlike at Shrewsbury. Even if we shifted 2,000 there will be a pay on the day option which is always good.

The downside is the other side of that huge capacity. You think you’ve been part of a great away following, you get home, watch the highlights and the away end looks empty!

All that said, I’d swap our ground for an equivalent at Walsall every day of the week. Love the way it is still where it has always been and retains much of its former shape, idiosyncrasies and therefore character through decades of redevelopment.

True. I always find it rather odd with Vale Park though, that all their most vocal fans are along the side and the end behind the other goal is always fairly empty.

Always annoys me this. I don’t get why they don’t just open it up block by block based on how many they’ve sold. Surely makes it easier for them to police / steward etc.

Apparently they have this season but put the away fans at the furthest away blocks from their vocal home support on the side

Vocal home support? Ive been to Vale about ten times and havent heard it yet. Do they have a new loudspeaker system?

The place is a dump too big falling down and people are saying they wish we had a ground like it :joy: .
Ironically enough a few years ago I was reading on the vale forum that they’d like a stadium similar to Bescot

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I think they may have opened up the rest of the stand to our right. If thats the case Im half expecting a Shrewsbury type experience with their ‘lads’ right next to us. Will be much better if thats the case.

Big following on the cards

It’s the second allocation of adult tickets nearly sold out, not the total allocation (1,600 odd). A weird way of supplying tickets by Vale… 1,164 sold total so far.

Yep. I thought “wow” at first as I thought we’d burnt through 1600. A bit less wow now. Hopefully we end up with around 1700 which would be lovely.

4470 (220 away fans)

The bigger the following the better at Vale bet Darrell can’t wait for his warm welcome.

The more grief he gets the bigger his ego will grow. I know it wont happen but I would much prefer our support be directed at our team. We should be thanking him for leaving.