Guess who's back? (LP youtube)

Back again…

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I thought I’d give others a chance to comment, but it is a bit concerning how well he thinks we are doing in my opinion. I suppose he has to stay positive to some extent.


He is quite frankly living in cloud cuckoo land if he thinks we can challenge for the play offs without any additions to the squad. This video perfectly highlights why there was a need to bring a DOF onto the board, as it feels like I could write on the back of a postage stamp what he knows about football! :see_no_evil:


I’m not sure whether we’ve left five or six points out on the pitch, or fifteen or eighteen, he mentioned it so often.

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Thinks he’s a celebrity :joy::joy:

I would never want these videos to stop & I thank Leigh for them; they’re a step change since the Cypriot leach.

In 8 mins he told us:
• we’re 5/6 points off where we should be ie: he thinks we are a playoff team :joy:
• don’t expect anything in January :joy:
• covid is not great :mask:
• merry Xmas :santa:

Only news was the application to lower our capacity to avoid Covid regs.

I just wanna know “are we still having a good go”?

Few further points, why not make the video more inspiring, show clips of goals, Matty whipping up the fans, get a few players/staff wishing happy Xmas. Give an update on Rory. Film it in a different location etc…. Really no excuse on how poorly made this is.


Thanks for posting.
Just pre-ordered next season’s Early Bird to beat the rush, what could possibly go wrong?

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Also no mention on Monthe or that Walsall is an inclusive club etc….

Back off. :wink:


Pomsers back tell a friend

Looks like an exciting January for us dosnt it.

That was 10 mins of my life waisted


Deluded or lying if he seriously thinks this is a playoff squad


Was definitely 5 or 6. I worked it out the 4th time he mentioned it .

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Didn’t he say we we’d left five or six points out there in his last propaganda video?

Careless if we still haven’t found them

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I know things are tough at the moment but he comes across very deflated doesn’t he.

I’ll save it in case I can’t sleep tonight.

I’m not overly galvanised by that.

Still a million miles better than his predecessor mind.