Hal Robson kanu

Jack Nolan with the goal. Bad attitude per Darrell Clarke, who to be fair must know a thing or two about that.

Our kids must have awful belief in themself at the moment. At their age losing every single game can destroy a person. This isn’t going to bode well for any of them

I watched them Vs Romulus I know Romulus player’s where men before anyone uses that as an excuse but they shouldn’t be losing to a team at that level either way,

Maybe the reserves/youth whatever they are in need some of Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu’s snake oil

Trialist 1 obviously didnt turn things around if we lost 0-3, any ideas who this was ?

That’s been the game changer for me. One cold in 2 years, arthritis virtually gone, and a big improvement in my Asthma. If I feel a cold coming on I make a drink with fresh ginger, lemon, tumeric and honey. Works every time, but I always use raw, fresh stuff.


For a cold, I find that lemsip with a large dollop of honey and an even larger dollop of scotch tends to sort me out.


Scotch (or preferably Irish) all the way, forget the lemon and honey :joy: