Harrogate Town (H) - Fri 2nd April, 3pm

Yet another crucial game for The Saddlers as we play host to the newest EFL team around in Harrogate Town on Good Friday. And let’s hope it truly is a ‘Good Friday’ for us with a first 3 points in forever!

This is the start of a crucial Easter double-header that for all intents and purposes will decide the future of Brian Dutton, and less so at this stage, Walsall FC

Harrogate Town, in their debut season in the EFL, currently find themselves 15th in League Two with 48 points from 37 games, seemingly comfortable enough to look forward to a second EFL season.

They are managed by Simon Weaver who also happens to be the son of the owner. With over 10 years in the post he also happens to be one of the English game’s longest serving current managers!

The last six games for The Sulphurites have been:

2nd March - Barrow (a) - Won 1-0
6th March - Stevenage (a) - Lost 1-0
9th March - Colchester United (h) - Won 3-0
13th March - Forest Green Rovers (a) - Lost 2-1
20th March - Morecambe (h) - Lost 1-0
27th March - Southend United (h) - Lost 1-0

For those of you who have mentioned that this may be our best chance for a win, I would suggest that Harrogate will see this as a chance to all but secure their League Two future, so it’s going to be nervy for us, like every game is at the moment.

For The Saddlers team selection is anyone’s guess, but Tyreik Wright will be back from international duty to contend for a starting place (good of him to come back last week to sit on the bench!), and Rory Holden could possibly make an appearance after training from Monday, although it may be a game too soon. Tom Leak deserves to keep his spot in the team too after two good performances from him.

We know that it is going to be cagey as we are shot of any confidence, but if we can keep Harrogate to nil then we may be able to nick a winner!

@TheBostedSlab can get his thinking cap (or Google) on to see if the two teams have any links player-wise.

Let us know your thoughts on the game.

Walsall vs Harrogate Town - Match Result
  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • Harrogate Town Win

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Big game. Big performance needed,

2-0 win

Lavery and Osadebe

1-0 win.

OG on the score sheet

I won’t be watching this as I have other things on so we will win!!!

Need a performance but more importantly, need a result.

They have a big lad up front (Beck) and Muldoon is a tidy player too.

However, we need to have our best players on the pitch and we need to show attacking intent.

Hopefully, Holden can play a part; I also expect Tyriek Wright to be an impact sub.

My team would be:

Clarke Leak Sadler C-Mollett
Kinsella Perry Bates
Gordon Lavery

Really, really want us to win this one! :slight_smile:

Dutton needs to attack in this for his own sake and for any remote possibility of him getting the job permanently.

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Looking forward to this one. Think we’ll see a performance.

3-0 Saddlers.

Yes, I have been in the sun today.


Nobody is willing to accept us sticking it out for a nil nil at home to Harrogate !

LP has committed to saying BD needs to win these next games so he WILL go for it or he’ll be getting a Taxi


Don’t think it will happen mate :wink:

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He didn’t confirm whether he needed both, but I would say he definitely needs one of them.


There will be a game, when I’ll be right. One win will be probably enough to stay (and few draws later), so better to do it now.

Cannot see us winning anything at the moment . A team determined not to lose but a team terrified to attack .
If pomlett really has told Dutton he has gotta go for wins instead of drawing our way to safety the lineup and maybe the game could be more interesting.
Gonna go 1-1

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Which …going for it or him getting the Taxi ?

Two draws or losing will see him gone mate , I personally can’t see LP being able to make excuses for his own benefit , he’ll lose too many fans

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With my Latino workforce off for Good Friday, I’ve pre-warned the rest (rednecks) that this weeks punishment for being tardy, is Walsall Vs Harrogate on the big screen…That pretty much guarantees they’ll all punch in early.


I’m going for 1-1 and that will probably leave another 2/3 draws left for safety

We will win this 4-2. Having been losing 0-2 at half time.

It will be ■■■■ or bust for BD and he will go all out attack, 2 own goals from them and a very dodgy penalty to help our cause and a late late Leak header.

This comeback victory will ignite our season, as we win next four on bounce.

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Really wan’t a win out of this, after all Southend beat this lot, but our forward play, or lack of it, has been so dismal recently that I can’t see where a goal is going to come from. A dreadful 0-0 draw again I fear.

Either 0-1 or 0-0. Hopefully the latter. You never know one day they may surprise us. A win would certainly be welcome, by hook or by crook.

I can’t see him getting the taxi, LP has enthused over him over the last few months, i think he will use the fact that we will be just about safe, then start talking of giving him next year with his own squad bla bla bla