Hayden white signs

Happy with this. Competent league two right back/player but one who can actually offer something going forward and did t really make mistakes unlike some. And he tried.


Didn’t know all the last part. Fair play to

Does he?

I thought so mate.

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Can’t say I agree. I can see the solid defender thing, but going forward I thought he was woeful. His touch and running with the ball is below league two standard. Knocks it half a mile in front of himself and can’t catch it.

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Decent enough happy to see him stay at least he can defend

I’m not his biggest fan ok in this league, others players around him, Might bring him on as he has competition from kinsella for right back spot.

Who knows might play 3 at the back what do you think.

Yes, I cringed every time he brought the ball out of defence.

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Yeah think people need to chill a bit.

Not every contract renewal will mean player starting 40 games next season. Firmly expect Osadebe and White to be back ups on the bench and ready to come in when injuries hit.


He’s a decent enough full back at our level.
The pulling power of Matt, long may it continue.

​​From two defenders that were offered contracts after last season, that’s the one I would want to keep. I’m happy he agreed, because he showed some potential to improve. I sense he can be a good full back and I hope it will be.​

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He did ok when he played, decent signing.

I can promise you kinsella will not be competing for right back, where do people get this information from? It’s like saying because because Kyle Walker played 10 mins in goal in 2019 he should now be considered as number 2 to Ederson to give him some competition.

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I don’t understand the negativity around White, he finished the season more positively. Norman was no better imho.
Hopefully the new coaching staff can improve him further.

White signing another contract gives competition for places and squad depth there’s nothing negative about that in my opinion.


I could of taken or leaven at first, but I feel with a decent pre season we have another solid signing.

I don’t mind him signing, it’s one less position we’re going to have to fill at a time when we have so many spaces to fill. We could do better yes, but think we could do worse.

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If our worstestest players are average L2 standard then we should be in decent shape

I thought he was OK


He is a solid player, capable of being a reliable cog in a decent team. He never let us down and pla6yed as if he cared. Very happy he has stayed