How many?

Since Pomlett took over:


Any I’ve missed?

But not one cronie on the board. Couldn’t make it up, could ya. We need wholesale change at board level. This constant merry go round costing us & killing us.



Unfortunately, Pomlett’s tenure as chairman has been a shambles.


Remember when Pomlett said he’d changed loads at Board level cause he added JF and GW to it. How I laughed.

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There has to come a point hopefully very soon when Pomlett realises that the board needs new ingredients before we become non league. It’s costing him a fortune chopping and changing when the club needs an overhaul at the top first and foremost.


Neil McDonald, Marcus Stewart, Mark Bradley …

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Jack Deaman fitness coach

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The blind leading the blind :man_facepalming: somehow i can’t help thinking that there is NO ONE at our club that has any idea of how to not only run a football club, but a customer based business at all?

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Have to say that Pomlett has been a car crash.

I’m still clinging on to the hope that he is well meaning, but he can’t get an appointment right and has done nothing to change the rotten culture at the club. I’m guessing the much heralded director of football model is out the window now then. It’s a farce.

We need the legacy of Bonser and his cronies to be swept away completely.


Mark Czuczman


Yet whoever cooked that sausage roll is still here.


I am shocked :flushed: :wink:

How would we know?

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I truly believe pomlett has tried his best and did not want this to happen to the club. I’m sure he is as unhappy as anyone fan with what’s happened under his tenure
Pomlett has the clubs interests at heart and really does want to do well for the club and the town
I just believe he doesn’t have the ability to do it. No amount of drive or passion can make you a success at everything you do in life.
Like kinsella will never be more than a league 2 workhorse however hard he tried
Football chairman is a role to far for him


It has been horrendous don’t get me wrong. But Pomelett wants success and he is quick to change things if it’s not happening.


So is the sausage roll

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Except he hasn’t changed anything.

Pomlett has done nothing different to Bonser, just in a lower league with lots of videos which lurch from one idea to another.

Pomlett has tried a few things, all of which have failed. But nothing has changed and the club is going backwards.

Let’s not forget the debacle of ISSA minutes, don’t email the club, back off etc……

Club is a shambles, I can see Flynn walking in next 6/12 months.

Need 3/4 gone off the board and new blood in.


Remember Pomlett said he had written an action plan? Or was going to?

Whatever happened to that? :joy:

He has had to keep changing it every 5 minutes. I think the current working title is “Walsall Football Club: Road to Success” version 634.

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Our No 1 fan in Cyprus didn’t like the draft he was sent so he told the Dame to do another one.


I don’t know why… but Dame Pomlette Biggins is really tickling me :joy: