I will never forgive Dean Smith

For resigning Liam ‘Poppadom’ Roberts after releasing him in 2014!!

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Popadom :joy:

Don’t get the popadom.

He’s got wrists made of poppadoms.


Have we had many keepers worse than Roberts

Alan Mcknightmare short term in the 90s
Andy Petterson starred in some shockers
We had a run of the likes of Mckinney & Brain

He needs to be left out

Roberts is useless but we haven’t kept a clean sheet in months and a lot of that blame falls on our cbs. Dan scarr absolutely terrible.

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Don’t know what Roberts’s does before the game tbh. Soaks his gloves in baby oil


Never been the same since Cutler left.

Interesting reading the E&S piece on Clarke leaving and it was said Maik Taylor was highly rated at the club yet Roberts has not improved the flaws he was showing two years back.


Maybe Roberts is already the best he can be…

@P.T nailed it with this comment and I’m still laughing this morning!

“Roberts who must be the only keeper in the world where the further away from goal you are and the straighter you kick the ball at him, the better the chance of beating him. Breadstick he is.”



Jesus ■■■■■■■ Christ.
Who is next?

Roberts has all the physical attributes to be a good goalkeeper however he is clearly a player that lacks confidence .At times he has looked really good especially when Cutler was here and he was being looked at by other clubs.I thought then we had a real up and coming keeper on our hands but as the seasons have gone on the periods of self doubt have become longer and he is now not even a good shot stopper. I feel for the lad but unless somehow he can get that earlier confidence back this will be his last season in league football.


He’s bloody useless. That “save” last night where Ned & Wracky were saying he tipped it around the post was classic Roberts. He dived down so slowly if it had ben shown on ITV they would’ve had an advert break half way through


Confidence has nothing to do with having the ability to both control or kick a ball.

He has literally zero attributes apart from being tall, but so is my mate.

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Well we have to disagree.He was very promising a few seasons back but for some reason has gone backwards and I think it is more of a mental issue rather than a physical one however it is clear if he cannot get better he will be gone.

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Roberts should be a decent enough League Two keeper, however he does suffer with significant fluctuations in form. Confidence is surely a major factor in this.

He looks a nervous wreck at the minute.

Reading this thread will help him though. Knowing that the fans are supportive and understanding must give a player a lift. Especially one that has been at the club since he was a kid :+1:


Absolutely. The lad needs our support.


He’s been crap, truth hurts as they say,

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