If Walsall end up in the National League

What would you miss the most about the EFL?



Maybe Automatic fa cup qualification. The odd bumper crowd.

I would miss Trevor Kettle and Brett Huxtable as referees.

First Round FA Cup qualification

Playing all matches on grass pitches

Absolutely everything rob , the thought of going non league is unthinkable

If we went down. I highly doubt we would. Ever come back, I’d take being. A ■■■■ efl club all day long over being. A ■■■■ non league outfit.

Some see it as it would be some sort of magical journey, I see it as being nothing other than a nightmare. And one I pray never becomes a reality


Losing. . . Maybe not

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Agree with DH look at clubs like Wrexham York Hereford Stockport and others it can happen.


We would end up being like Yeovil and Stockport and York.



Club would just cease to be relevant I’m afraid, would the goals even be shown on regional news as Solihull rarely get on it on a Monday.

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I would miss the League Cup. If you are a certain age you will remember, I’m sure, that competition giving us some of the best nights of our Saddlers watching lives.
The thought of not being in it while Shrewsbury or Vale get a plum tie or even kill a giant is something I would not like.

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We don’t get them on as a league club anyway :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Highlights are on BT sport about this time every weekend.

Everything but Oldham away.


Going to communities heaped in league football tradition and identity.

Salford, Harrogate, Fleetwood, Crawley, Stevena…



There’s probably more of that in the National League than League Two

I assume Dover away would be the closest we have to come to a foreign competitive game?

I would miss our landlord

Dover won’t be in that division next season. They stopped playing after 15 games this season and their results have been expunged and they’ve been given a £40,000 fine

He’ll still be about

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Ye but we may be able to bugger off