IFollow - Afc Wimbledon


I’m pretty positive it will but don’t hold me to that. I’ve streamed films on the Xbox Explorer so I’d imagine it’d work.


Bought my pass.

I spent £2.50 on a Tranmere fanzine last Tuesday believing it was a match programme, so £10 to watch an away game online doesn’t seem that much of a stretch!


It’s just keeps saying create an account which I already have an account just need to purchase game


Have you logged in? Try logging in then clicking the link … If that fails I can’t remember how I did it :joy:


Pretty sure iFollow have an online chat regarding queries. I’m sure they’ll be able to direct you


I had the same problem, just kept going back to login screen, I was using Chrome browser, tried on a different browser and it logged in first time, so if you are using Chrome too maybe try a different browser.


Purchase the match here


Better if you log in first then click the link above.


Cheers every1 will give it another try before tonight


Why the hell do they make it so difficult to use their sevice,its as if they don’t want your money :weary:


I found it easy to sign up to a match pass ,used the saddlers.co.uk and then registered and went thru to it,I just hope it works now.I wonder if that tight bugger chunkster will spend a tenner :thinking:


Me tight? You obviously don’t know me :fu:t3:


I spoke to you last week in Brownhills when I seen you walking up the high street in a wolves top .


If i pay 45 for season pass do i get all evening games?


Think that’s just for audio commentary.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the £45 is for the commentary and I think it might be £100 for the live televised games (midweek).


Sorry but if that HAD happened i would be a pile of dust now :joy:


ye ive just had the same problem! if your signed in it says no game available for match pass. Then when I signed out the link took me to buy a match pass 10 pound and to register an account.


ive not purchased anything and its given me the option to watch live and I got a video of players warming up?! anyone else got this? ive only got the monthly pass


I’ve purchased the game but its just got the two teams names and badges. Guessing it doesn’t show anything until kick off?