IFollow - Afc Wimbledon


I have just signed in and got access to the live stream right away? i could hear someone talking about purkiss? giving an interview and now got the blue sky bet efl logo but i haven’t paid anything? unless it goes off later and asks me to?


ye that’s what ive got now. but I had a little webcam screen in top left corner of the empty ground and could here commentary team talking. then the players were warming up and then the screen just went off and ive got the 2 badges also. but I had same issue as previous poster no match pass option so I haven’t paid but could see that


Ahh okay. That was probably before I purchased my pass. I’ve done it through PayPal as I will probably have a better chance of getting my money back if it doesn’t work.


I have a full screen picture now with commentary.


Live, with the WM commentary.


And me? watching them watering the pitch lol


Seems like the commentary is BBC WM?


Didn’t see this :rofl:


Depending on how good your computer is, there is a cog in the bottom right hand corner where you can choose the picture definition.


It’s working now but it’s taken me that long to sort out I forgot to put my predictions in for tonight. I don’t think I’ve even bought a match pass in the end. They said there is a glitch so the match may stop at any time.


makes a change for a fudgin glitch to work in our favour


Too right Chunkster. We pay enough if you ask me for a pretty poor service.


Mine was glitching but I’ve dropped the quality to 540 which is still decent. At the moment this is well worth a tenner!


The… feed… is… very… very… laggy…


Mine is working perfectly, i’m genuinely shocked at that.


there is something wrong with mine? we look brilliant :joy:


That’s a well known computer bug called ‘WhitneyOut2018’…


Mine is working fine. Watching it on my phone through the app. Only slight problem is the commentary is 2-3 seconds behind actual play. Would buy again for away games :+1:t2:


Quality service. Worked extremely well. Fair play!


And for most of us it was free :smile: