IFollow - Afc Wimbledon


I have paid over £50 or £60 for ivanish, a vpn from America and it still doesn’t work, it worked while i used it on my streaming box for watching films and sport, but it just will not work for ifollow ? i don’t know if you have to open it before i log in to ifollow or after? or if it makes a difference.


In fact, tonight’s game is available for UK viewers.


Usually you would have to log in to your VPN before logging on to ifollow. If you have the choice of which country you are pretending to be in, seems Hong Kong and China work :slight_smile:


ye i am watching it and morris has just scored


2-0 now gordon


There is a match thread…


You’re right - that has ifollow/streaming/vpn tut as well.


sorry i think i just got carried away :wink:


If I hear VPN once more I’m going to scream…:tired_face::woozy_face:


I wanted to reply ‘VPN’, but the site wouldn’t let me.


I think it would be easier and less stressful if everyone just went to matches even if you live in Lands End…:smile:




Apparently the Barnsley game is the international football league feed this weekend (basically the main 3pm game on Quest highlights with proper camera angles and commentary) so should be plenty of streams floating around for those not going and no need to pay a tenner.


Don’t confuse @SidSwifty any more i think he thinks we are talking about being able to see women’s knickers through their dress :rofl:


Now I would Pay a tenner for that super power…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::hushed:


You already can it’s called VPL :joy:


I’m surprised you know where the power button is on your tv Chunk ,you not very clued up with modern stuff are ya


I don’t need to, we just leave it on 24/7 that way it doesn’t confuse me :rofl:


How ya like my pic chunks ,bet you’ve seen me down the custard bowel?


horrible disease that :rofl: