IFollow - Afc Wimbledon


Worked perfectly well for me. There were 4 of us at my house, bargain.


:smile: fair play, like I said earlier in the thread, it’s nice for a glitch to go in our favour for a change, makes up for the first game of the season where I had to listen to music for 90 mins, I just hope the glitch continues :pray:t3:


You’ll have Bonser destitute :joy:


■■■■ me i would be devestated :weary::joy:


I just hope that when they sort out you lot getting it for free it doesn’t change the fact that I have been able to see any match I wanted, in any location, any day (Saturdays at 3:00pm included) for a season and a half for free.:unamused:


how the hel have you been able to do that? :laughing:


I was on holiday in Florida and I paid for 1 match (I was a subscriber in the UK at the time) and I was having all sorts of problems getting the video. I was on the chatline for about 45 mins while they kept asking me to try different things, nothing worked until the manager came on and fixed it. The next week while I was still in Florida, the option to view came up even though I hadn’t paid.
When I got back to the UK I logged in for the audio during 1 game I couldn’t get to and the option to view came up, so I watched the whole thing for free. I’m still paying the £4-95 a month for audio, but I’m still getting free audio even with commentary this season.


That’s it then i am going to tenerife in a few weeks, i will be talking to the manager. :wink:


No you wont Chunkster, you know you cannot any longer resist, you know you are about to end your exile, you know you are about to succumb to the call to arms for the Saddlers.
By royal command, you will be there in the FLESH :running_man:


A question for other exiled saddlers, i`m in China for a couple of months. … is iFollow the way to go? I have VPN (Astril) but was wondering if there were issues with iFollow and VPN or if there were any other services?



If you’re in China you don’t need VPN, you can watch the three o’clock kick offs as you are outside the uk. Just buy a match pass on the Walsall site


If someone says something on here that the Chinese communist dictatorship doesn’t like they will probably block this site anyway…INDEPENDENCE FOR TAIWAN (that should do it)…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Excellent, thaNKS n4th4n. I went for it and coughed up the 110quid, works just fine on the 4G connectionwithout VPN as you said. Fingers crossed with the broadband connection as they seem to be more restricted! Just a note if it helps anyone, iFollow really doesn`t like VPN!


Lol, Taiwanese rule here in south China. I still wont mention Tibet though :smiley:


Thanks a bunch!

The Great Firewall is now blocking the Saddlers here…

Or maybe it’s just my WiFi connection. :grin:


If you are only in China for two months, why pay for the season? You’ll need VPN when you get back to the UK…


Lol, nowt to do with me, watched the Blackpool game no problems. I’ll be back here for longer stints across the season and it might come in useful when I’m stuck in Hertford and can’t get to see the real thing.

So I’ll need VPN when I’m watching in England? Bizzare, how does that work, lol? I’m signed up with Astril who are excellent in my experience - been worth every penny serving me in UK, USA and China so far!


You can only watch the games on iFollow if you are outside of the UK, so you will need VPN to pretend that you are not in the UK when you are back home.

(This season some matches are available for supporters in the UK - at £10 a match.)


Ok thanks for the heads up. So what they selling to UK customers, just the audio?

Hope the club get some of the fee, makes up for my not been able to buy a season ticket :):grinning:. Or am I meant to bugrudge it bonser? :thinking: :laughing:


For some games they are selling the video for £10.