IFollow for saturday

If anybody hasn’t set iFollow up yet for Saturday (assuming the clubs get the codes out to us tommorow)

There is a step by step guide on Swindon’s website and as it’s a league system it should be the same on our site.


Just had my code through from the club and successfully used the code on iFollow. All we need now is for ifollow to be able to cope with thousands of extra video streams on Saturday. What could possibly go wrong?


Is there an option to watch the game with other Walsall fans, like suggested by that horrendous Barclays advert with Villa fans?

Yup, just redeemed the codes for both me and my dad (have lent him my spare Firestick to watch it on).

Just had my code through never used i follow before how do you do it


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Looked to me like it was some sort of Zoom or glorified Facetime type meeting for the Vile fans to interact with each other - not sure if the match feed was part of that or separate (i.e. 2 apps/windows running simultaneously rather than all in the same app). And they were all doing it via laptops/PCs with webcam and mic not on their mobiles, Smart TVs, Firesticks, or other IPTV solutions.

If the game stream was not part of a single shared app, then no guarantee that it would be synchronised on all their devices (e.g. your bandwidth and the device/app you are using may bring in different buffering delays) so anyone with a lag would know from the reaction of others what was going on before they saw it on screen (there’s a similar issue watching Sky channels over satellite vs cable or IP, and on an AD channel vs HD - I’ve had the same game on in different rooms over 3 different connections/channels and all have been at different points - although we are talking seconds rate than minutes apart, but still noticeable).

If you still want a “crowd” experience and are happy that you might not all be watching the exact same action at the same time, I’d suggest you set up the game on one device then connect to all your mates up on another (with something like Zoom - although not sure if there is still a free option on it?). If you did it all on the same one, would you want to have to keep flipping between the game and your mates, or compromise the size of the game window by having both up side by side?

Just in case anyone missed my other posts about using iFollow - a) you do NOT need to use a VPN to watch the games while we are not allowed into the stadiums (Saturday 3pm games are available to UK as well as overseas viewers during this time), b) if you are using a browser to access it on a Firestick, switch it to desktop mode or else it will tell you that you have to use the EFL app on mobile devices.

One other piece of advice (sorry if I’m teaching my granny to suck eggs with this) - if you only have a mobile or small screen laptop, try connecting or projecting from these onto your TV instead (assuming that’s bigger!) Depends on your device and TV set, but the more modern ones allow WiFi or Bluetooth casting, or to connect via an appropriate cable (e.g. a direct connection from an HDMI socket on your laptop if it has one, or a USB or RGB convertor if not). If you’re not sure what your options are, RTFM! :smile:

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Just did the account and put the code in do you just click on it on saturday i assume theres a link

A tip to save you a bit of time in the future - after you’ve registered an iFollow account and logged in, click on your account (your name in the top right corner) and add a payment card. Then when you come to put in voucher code or purchase a game in the future you don’t have to keep putting the card details in each time.

I know that might scare a few of the more Internet-cautious amongst you, but you have to put it in anyway each time so might as well make it a bit easier for yourself.

thanks good tip like I said does the match just flag up and you just click on it

You just need to login, and click on iFollow - Next Match.

The video should start streaming about 1 hour before kick off. Unless there’s anyone out warming up or a groundsman replacing divots, will only be an empty pitch to start with and the sound of the wind until the commentary team decide to get their backsides in gear - although on Tuesday night the Brizzle feed did include a few adverts too.

Thats great thanks

Thanks Andy

Is there also an option to leave the stream early to beat the traffic?


Didn’t know you could watch it on fire stick we have one plugged into tv to watch amazon prime so how do I find I follow?

Unfortunately the EFL app doesn’t work on Firesticks so you have to access it via a browser - the native one on a Firestick is Silk (simply labelled “Internet” if you look at the list of your apps).

Open the app, click on the URL field and put in www.saddlers.co.uk, login with your iFollow account details (top right), then click on iFollow - Next match. Click on the option to switch to desktop mode rather than mobile (default) - one of icons at the top of the screen next to the URL field.

Another tip - when the game stream kicks in (from 2pm onwards), at the bottom of the stream window you have some controls (move the cursor/click to activate as they disappear after a few seconds). In the bottom right click on the option to switch to full screen to maximise it on your TV. You may need to move down the page a bit to get it in clear of the message icon that is usually down in that corner (allows you to get in touch with iFollow support quickly if you have a problem).


What about getting there early enough to get a pie and a pint?

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And for that authentic match experience, get your missus or kids to get up and squeeze past you on the way to the loo just as we’re on a promising looking attack.


Cheers Andy I will give it a try

You can test it in advance by clicking on iFollow - Video Archive and picking one of the clips that doesn’t require you to have a higher level subscription.

Also, it’s worth adding the “Next Match” page as one of your favourites, and note that (by default) the app will open at your last page visited so if you only ever use it for this then should always be in the right place.