IFollow for saturday

One theory

If it’s like Walsall, Home (season ticket) fans have already paid for iFollow. There’s is therefore no incentive to perform well at home to get home fans to come next week

However, there is an incentive to perform well away from home as said fans will then buy iFollow for the following away game, and if enough do the money goes to Oldham.

Like evolution and climate change, it’s just a theory. I may be wrong.

I don’t think the players give a ■■■■ about iFollow tbh :joy:

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No but if they get some of the money🤔

Not saying I’m right

Could just be randomness why their away form is so out of sync with their home

I see Oldham are playing tonight, so we should really have the advantage on Saturday with our players having 2 weeks off.

Mind you I think I said the same before the Southend game :joy::joy:

I’d go with that sort of “I aye going all the way home without something from this game after travelling most the day to get here then getting home late” type attitude makes sense to me.Or the thought of getting a victory in someone’s back yard taking something away from them I suppose could be an incentive whatever the reason I’m guessing when fans are allowed back into stadiums normal home advantage(most of the time) will be resumed Liverpool’s 60 odd games without defeat at home now that’s something imagine that at the bescot :rofl::rofl:.

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There’s probably something in that. A longer time in the team bubble is probably an advantage just now especially midweek when many people’s domestic arrangements will be less conventional than normal (home schooling, partners wfh etc)

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Not sure two weeks off is going to be good for Guthrie :elephant:


If that is to do with Covid, presumably WM won’t be able to do any away commentaries for any of the teams in our area, iFollow or radio?

They cannot do any.They are commentating off the television as are the Test Match Special team. It was quite funny the other night when Albion were playing the commentator had a quicker feed than the summariser.He asked the summariser what he thought of a goal which was scored and the reply came “I haven’t seen it yet” :grinning: