IFollow for saturday

Yeah I tried mirroring too with no success, ended up just watching on my phone as it was too close to 3pm to try anything else :smile:

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It’s to do with ad block I think, you have to turn it off in the settings.

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I always use a HDMI cable great picture and sound.

Yes there is an icon - well at least there is if you use the default browser, Silk. For this it’s on the “menu bar” at the top of the screen (click the button on the Firestick remote with 3 lines buttons if it’s not visible). Move the cursor along the top line to the one that looks like a TV with an aerial on top (to the right of the eye with a line through it). When in desktop mode this icon looks like a PC instead.

Firefox is similar, but for Chrome (which isn’t in the Amazon store so has to be sideloaded) you need to click on the 3 dots in the very top right hand corner and then scroll through the options to desktop mode and put a tick in the box (exactly how you do it for Chrome on a mobile phone).

The other thing you have to after getting the video stream playing is put it into full screen (to hide everything else and fill up your TV screen). This is in the bottom right hand corner of the video window but, along with the other video controls, fades out after a few seconds so need to move the cursor within the video window (or click) to make them visible again. If the envelope icon (to message iFollow support) is in the way, page down a bit until the bottom of the video window is now above the envelope, then click on the button to make it full screen - sit back, and relax!

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It’s because Firesticks are Android and therefore seen as a mobile device (even though the iFollow app isn’t available in the Amazon store and doesn’t work if you sideload it). That means that when you request a page to view in a browser it asks for the mobile version by default (as does your phone).

The iFollow server will detect you’re asking for the mobile version of the web pages and there should be a message telling you that you have to download the app to clue you in to why it won’t play in the browser (same as if you tried to watch it via browser on your phone rather than using the app) but you get round this by “fooling” it into thinking you are on a non-mobile by asking for the desktop version of the site you are trying to view.

PS iFollow allows you to access most other of its content (along with the rest of the club’s website) in mobile mode, it’s just the live streams it tries to force you to use the app for.

And the reason why they still allow desktop mode browsers is because there is no Windows version of the app - and not everyone has an Android or iPhone!

PPS Yes, I do work in IT! :nerd_face:

I used the Chromecast to the TV on Saturday and it worked fine - had to cast it from Google Chrome on the laptop for it to work though.

Most modern laptops have a hdmi port so you can just use a hdmi cable and plug directly in to a TV. You may have to change settings on the TV or resolution in the laptop to match the screens so it shows full screen.

I’ve got a MIcrosoft Surface and an adapter for it which plugs into hdmi so it casts to the TV wirelessly.

A bit late but discord is probably the best for this if you wanted to stream and have a voice/text channels etc. it can be a bit daunting to start of with and is mainly for used for gaming but it is a very good place to have people join and chat etc.

I’d be happy to set it up and send invite links if anyone was interested

Are new codes coming out each week for games? I’ve not had one for today.

It’s only for the home games , you have to pay £10 for away games , which I hope thousands do as it will help the club .

Would much rather be going , like I think most would rather than watching on the TV

Yes. Football on tv is a poor substitute for the real thing. The screen is too small.

Well I’ve booked today’s match and so has my son at his house so that’s 2 towards the 500+.

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Got 1 each for me and my dad.

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Is it still a black screen at the mo with a circle just going round and round?

No, I’m watching them warm up

@Belphegor is already half hour into the game :joy:

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Damn I hate the lag. :laughing:

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Same here on a browser (laptop as well as Firestick) - but working OK in the app on my phone.

I’m watching on my pc. No problems :pray: