Having attended the first home game of the season today and making sure I got there early 1 1/2 before kick off my lad decided he wanted something from the stadium suite kiosk ,so waiting over half hour and getting what he wanted I walk towards the bar finding another massive queue so I gave up ,I feel the idea of an open stadium suite is a good idea but they need to set themselves up for the extra demand ,half time was the same ,no drinks served till half time and they couldn’t get the shutters up for the bar when the time cane,even a queue for pre ordered drinks, I really do hope things will improve if the fans are expected to return ,don’t mean to be negative as today’s performance was outstanding and how we only got a draw I don’t know ,great to see Pomlett mixing before and after the game with the fans too .


Be patient mate, from little acorns etc etc :wink:

It can put a lot of people off ,heard lots of moans and groans about it and how much the club can be loosing from there set up ,lessons need to be learned, there was a Walsall fan there today who hadn’t even been to the bescot (Walsall ground) since it had been built ,been away plenty of times but not home ,can’t give him or potential new incoming fans a good impression ,I know it’s early days but needs fixing quick


I can understand your points, but even from your Aftar i can see you are a bit of a moaning git :joy:

:fu: just expressing my thoughts

Which you are entitled to do it is an open forum, but i think that we are at least on the right track now, and it will take time, but at least the club are listening, don’t forget Pomlett has only just taken over a shambles of a club, it will take a bit of time to get it right but at least we are moving in the right direction :wink:


Just hope we can lure them fans back that claim to be wolves fans​:laughing::thinking::grin: but in denial

its not a difficult thing to sort out and its been like it for ages being honest as i and others have said in the past it needs sorting sure its something on Pomletts agenda as he is a fan friendly chairman,


At the end of the day it will either put fans off going into the ground drinking and spending money and ngoing elsewhere ,didn’t like the fact you need to queue at two different places for over half hour at each today ,fans was talking about where’s better to go for next home games to have s drink ,that can’t be good ,need to open the saddlers club up some how ,if that’s possible


Agree the customer service on the catering side of the matchday experience is awful and has been for a long time now people especially ones who arent used to it and are coming back after the big change wont tolerate it and there is really no need its so easy to solve like i said im confident with Pomlett in charge it will get sorted mate.


Whole catering operation needs a shake up. It’s not just the suites, kiosks in the stands are the same. I gave up waiting to get serve in the lower at half time along with about 20 others that came and went while I was there.

Must be loosing a bout load of income.


Is the Bescot Bar still closed?

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Good job you lot of alcoholic snowflakes never had to go to Fellows Park.


The ground needs a lot of work, all small things but they add up. I hope In time it all gets fixed up, Bescot isn’t the best nor is it the worst but it does feel dilapidated in areas. Especially in this century, the stadium experience has to be better

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Saw one ground improvement today…a Saddlers fan peeling the "sticky on " letters off the Bonser Suite sign.

Now fess up one of yah…this is no way to treat the saviour of our club.


The bar would be so much better if u have 2 tills taking the cash and 2 pulling the beer, when you order by the time you’ve had your change the your beer is pulled by the 2 who see the order on a screen.

Leigh Pomlett is obviously a switched on guy who knows only to well the value, and need for any business to look after its paying customers and indeed, he will be well aware of the current pathetic and shoddy attempts at providing a revenue inducing enjoyable match day experience.
This has or should be top of the agenda to sort but he can`t do everything on his own can he?
The fans are getting on board and supporting in the only way they can by turning up, and now the Scrooge dictatorship is over, finished, no excuses, no hiding, it really is time for Messrs Gamble and Mole etc to step up to the plate, join in and support the good will wind of change now sweeping through the club, and start to earn their salary and do what they should be doing.

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They need to have staff just pulling pint after pint and stack them up. The turnaround of each transaction woulde quicker rather than reacting to individual orders.

It was actually open yesterday, although I’m sure they said at the chairman night that work had started and so it would be closed. Was also open at half time. Whether this was because they knew the stadium suite couldn’t accommodate absolutely everyone in that stand so halted work until they have a better plan in place, I don’t know.

But I agree about the queues, to be honest none of it is laid out properly for football, but more for events, even the Bescot Bar in the lower. So they are limited in what they can do without ripping the lot out and starting again.

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Spot on, I arrived at the Stadium suite about 1:45pm hoping to have a pre match pint, no chance, there was large queues at both bars, I reckoned the teams would be out on the pitch by the time I got served! So I didn’t bother, went and sat in my seat instead. Also talked to others who did exactly the same thing, will definitely go elsewhere pre match, also the bogs are still crap.