Interview with Jimmy O'Connor

Our latest episode is an interview with Jimmy O’Connor. He talks open and honestly about:

  • His goal against Chelsea/Mourinho
  • His adoration for Walsall
  • Dean Smith’s exit/O’Driscoll
  • The play-offs
  • His departure from the club
  • Being dropped for Wembley

This is not to be missed

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Enjoyed that best one yet cheers guys you can tell he doesn’t like Whitney without him actually saying it directly :rofl::rofl:


Another brilliant podcast guys, keep them coming.

Great to hear from explayers what really went on during their time at the club.

Is it just me or does Jimmys voice sound so alike to Martin O’connor.


The fact that ex players are prepared to be very open about their time with the club speaks volumes for the guys interview techniques.
It’s also to their credit that they are not afraid to ask difficult questions albeit in a respectful manner.


Great podcast, good to hear from players of various different era’s and get an insight into what it was like in the changing room back then.

When you hear it from Jim’s point of view it really highlights ‘what could have been’. Had things gone slightly differently we would have been a championship club that had just won the JPT. It was also reassuring to hear that Deano was genuinely gutted to leave and although Jim stated no hard feelings I loved the part about him being desperate to play in that Brentford game.

Also says a lot about the guy that he still holds the club in such high regard after the way he was let go. I always had a soft spot for John Whitney but had heard rumours about how he dealt with some players. What O’Connor says proves them to be sadly true ! I wonder if JW saw him as a potential threat to his job should results go badly and thought he would get rid in advance ? Whatever the reason it was pretty classless and weak.


It was a good insight into a situation were a lot of players knowingly coming to the end of a playing career harbour a desire for a role coaching with a club they clearly have affection for.its probably a daunting time for a player as to his future employment and you could understand Jimmies disappointment .a difficult time for club and player .especially when the player seems to want to coach more than play .might not be the same preference from the club’s prospective.


Thanks for all the comments, we really appreciate them all.

It was great to hear him speak as openly about the tough times he went through as well as the good times


Really good podcast with a great professional player that served the club well at his time with us.

Keep up the good work chaps :clap:t2:


Just a little favour to ask if people don’t mind

The more subscribers/listeners etc we get, the easier to get guests on. If you haven’t subscribed, then please do, and we would really appreciate you passing the pod on to fellow Walsall fans :raised_hands:


I enjoyed the podcast.
Good playerJim was, rarely had a bad game for us.
I was interested in hearing his views on previous managers, my expectation was honesty and he delivered!


Yeah he was really honest about the various managers. I think he had a bit of a unique view on O’Driscoll given their previous seasons together

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I liked how he still harbours the thoughts and hopes that one day he may return here in some capacity.


I think his early career in coaching/management shows he certainly has a talent

I do think that he likes the idea of a specific No1 and No2 working together. O’Driscoll and O’Kelly at Donny, then Smith and O’Kelly with us

Might be the reason O’Driscoll didn’t work at Walsall perhaps, not having the person to balance against

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Really liked J’OC.

DS got it wrong in the first six months playing him at RB constantly.

Once he moved to the centre he was very solid and him and Downing were a nice combination.

Will just listen to this to hear from his side how it all ended under Whitney as was disappointing to see him just be exiled on eye of the season.

I think that was one of the first decisions that slowly set in motion the slow decline to relegation.

From what I remember J O’C went and James Wilson came in to replace him. However he was on loan and left for someone else in that January and then it was likes of Guthrie and loan players so clear downgrade.

Start of 2016 season Etheridge, Rico, J’OC, Chambers and Oztumer were all still regular starters and none of them were replaced well at all.


He opens up about the RB to CB situation and how it came about

A lot of stuff about the exodus and what happened post play-off’s too


I just checked back to see the results and I remember it clearly…went to Vale on opening day of August 2014 and their LW (think he went to Coventry after) skinned him time and again and he always felt vulnerable there.

Mid season he went to CB and it was Purkiss/James Chambers at RB which worked much better. Then Demetriou came in the following year which was even more successful.

Great podcast guys really enjoyed it. JOC comes across as honest and intelligent. And we were oh so so close. Really good side awash with quality all over the pitch. How we miss those days. Rom Bradshaw and Otzumer absolutely stand out talent - any L1 team would have been lucky to have them. And we also had the solidity and leadership of Chambers, as close to Skip as we ever got


Had a listen tonight, great stuff.

So many great memories in 15/16. “That team had to go up.” Sums it up considering that was nearly a decade ago and how the club has fallen and stagnated since. Hopefully another manager and team will emerge like that one eventually.


Loved this podcast. Please keep them coming. I still don’t get why Jim didn’t start at Wembley for us back in 2015. He seemed a top bloke.


I found that interesting, even when we first signed him his first game vs Port Vale away he looked absolutely shot at RB. Properly bad.

Very interesting how clear he made it ROK was to our fortunes in those days. Im sure he was not the only one who respected him.