Interview with Joss Labadie

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Our latest episode is an interview with Joss Labadie. He talks about his time at the club, how he would rate his performances, Matt Taylor, Michael Flynn, and how things went badly, and he also talks about his reputation for a card.

Joss speaks openly about his time at the club, his recovery from ACL’s, and also talks about how it works being released from the club

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Sorry bud, I’d rather listen to my parents copulate than listen to liabilty Labadie. Absolutely stole a living here - good riddance.


Totally understand that he will divide opinion. We’re trying to get a range of guests on, hopefully you enjoy the next one we have planned.


Will keep an eye out mate. Enjoyed the one with Ropes :+1:


If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, we are announcing out next one at 6pm


I’ve listened to half of it over lunch time today. Jos came across really well I thought. Didn’t like him as a player, but goes to show, the person can be very different to how they appear on the pitch.


A good show. It was particularly interesting to get a flash of an insight into Jamie Fullarton. I may be showing my ignorance here, but I’d have thought a Director of Football would be an integral personality among the players. Joss makes it sound like he was involved with the signing but not much else afterwards. Remember at the time when we were all joking that he was eating biscuits all day? :thinking:

Just an observation. One of the hosts keeps saying “kind of”, sometimes every other word. Cutting that out would improve the clarity of the questions and, for me, enjoyment of the show.


Just listened mate, good interview. Well done, keep them coming.


I got the impression from previous interviews and seeing him at the club when he was injured that he is a thoroughly decent guy and well liked and respected by his fellow professionals. Unfortunately, on the pitch was a disaster for him and the club at Walsall. Sometimes a player fits with a club (eg Newport) and doesn’t fit with another, for all sorts of reasons.


Does he? I’d like to hear the other point of view, in that case.

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I think he did divide fans. Seen a lot of negativity towards him, but also seen a fair few that felt it just wasnt a good fit.

Curious to know your opinions of him?

Awful simple really
Waste of time space and money
Literally stole a living for 2 years from us and gave less than nothing back, with his reds and yellows signing him and playing him was actually just a pure handicap
Worst midfielder in my time as the club easily

He is obviously rated enough to be named captain at several clubs under different managers.

He’d have played plenty this season but for the ACL but obviously had to be released due to the wage he was on.

Summer 2021 very costly really when you look at what was signed and what was generally contributed.


@yellowribbonpod Thanks for this and the other interviews you have done / are about to do. Always good to hear of a player’s take on his time with us.


I took them, in the main, to be two sides of the same coin. Most of the negativity was due to his underwhelming time with us, particularly given the mainly positive expectation when we signed him and the money he was on.

I haven’t seen many singing his praises based on his time here, hence my original comment about him dividing the fans.

Cheers mate. We are interviewing Liam Bennett today, so that will be released next Monday


I haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast yet but intend to.

When we played Newport away not last season the season before I was having a chat with a few Newport fans. Real old school fans, have been following Newport home and away for over 40 years.

We spoke about Labadie. When they had finished laughing about him being suspended they went on to say that they were never enamoured with him and saw him as more of a liability than anything else. Which turned out to be the case at Walsall. He clearly did better there than he did for us though.

We met them again last season and they couldn’t speak highly enough about Flynn and predicted we were in with a chance. They got that one wrong, unfortunately!

Id say that, for me, the divide is less about the thoughts of him as a player, and more the anger towards him. Many were very angry and frustrated with him, whereas others think he is a good bloke but accept it was one of those where it didn’t work out.


Looking forward to that one mate, please tell him that we would love him back at the club.

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Labadie had no control over his injury situation and as an ex football player I sympathise with that side of how it panned out.But he did have control of his performances on the pitch and I personally can’t remember him blowing me away with a fantastic display when he was able to play.The fact he got booked every game with one of those bookings being as soon as he’d been bought on as a sub after he came back from injury didn’t help his cause with the fans in my opinion.

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