Issa statement

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref. Working party meetings held at Walsall football club

Issa would like to release the following statement

As some of you may be aware the Walsall football supporters trust recently released a statement saying they would no longer attend said meetings should Issa be present , due to what they believed. Was an unprovoked attack on themselves

Issa would respond and say no such attack took place, an open and honest debate took place, and a few home truths where aired, as this is the correct Envoirement
for such.debate to be held

Issa have offered the trust a chance to mert up and put any outstanding issues to bed but at this point in time the offer has not been took up

Issa state we have no problem whatsoever sitting at the same table with representatives of the supporters trust, and. Feel it’s imperative that these meetings continue, as they are the only way. That every fan. Can get there voices heard and any concerns they have can be put directly to board members of Walsall football club, it is. Matter of urgency that they continue to be held
Therefore Issa urge the supporters trust to reconsider there stance and agree to return. To the monthly meetings,

Issa have no desire to replace trust, whatsoever, but as we said from the off we won’t be silenced and if A point comes where we feel the need to challenge club, and bring to an head important issues we will have no problem doing so, Same as we will praise where credit is due on the clubs behalf, but first and foremost our. Main concern is every fan of Walsall FC wether they be a member of Issa or not, and we will do our level best. To ensure each and everyone of them is listened to

We are entering into what is a crucial time in our history, and we need to be as one,
As said Issa are willing to work with any body of fans, in relation to Walsall FC. And believe each group individually has something to offer, As we strive to generate a brighter future for our beloved club

Again I reiterate Issa have no problem attending meetings with trust representatives, as the only goal should be ensuring that wfc. Is the main talking point, and seeking ways to ensure our club Begins to rise from the depths it has sunk to
But as said if trust still refuse to participate in said meetings if Issa are present we will not just quietly go away , and will continue to represent every fan of Walsall FC to the best of our abilities, but would much rather it be in harmony with other fan groups,
Egos and personality clashes should be left at the door, when we go in there we should all be singing from the same hym sheet , and that’s the one that demands that wfc gets a fair deal of the cards
To this end I sincerely hope that Monday’s planned meeting can go ahead, there’s a lot more hard work and a lot more answers fans want to hear from our owner and board of directors

Dave Olly Beckett. Chairman. Independent saddlers supporters association


Any chance we can ban all of this ISSA vs The Trust nonsense from this site. It’s really completely irrelevant to Walsall FC and grandstanding amongst two organisations that are only interested in themselves.

Should at least be in the off topic section.

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You could just ignore it? Some people might be interested.

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Not my point. It’s that it’s irrelevant and more fitting in the “off-topic” section not that it’s annoying (which to be fair, it is).

People could just ignore any bickering (which this is) on this site but it doesn’t stop people crying about it!

Now you know how everyone else on here feels when you’re constantly bickering.

At least ISSA keep it in one ■■■■■■■ thread.


Yeah if you say so.

Lol they were bickering in club meetings never mind confining it to one thread. It’s not even the only ISSA thread posted in the last few hours.

I clearly mean their arguing on here, unlike you who has at least one argument in every thread. I know you like the last word so I won’t be replying on this subject again, I’ve made my point.

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Poorly. Not contributed to any of the threads on here for more than a message or two for months but cheers for the last word👍

Anyway, like I say, completely irrelevant and doesn’t belong here.

The other thread you refer to is me thanking Walsall fans for there generosity. On Sunday in relation to there. Less abled bodied fellow fan, and there generosity in helping under privaladged children in the bourough of Walsall during the Issa funday, I’m sorry if it upsets you pal but to me it. Is an absoloute joy to be involved with. Such Walsall fans, and your determination to find a negative. In what. Is nothing but a positive. Is mind boggling


Good for you but it’s still irrelevant to the overriding topic and belongs in another section. As does this thread.

Not irrelevant to the disabled fanbase of Walsall FC mate, , and I make no apologies for working on there behalf. To you or anyone else
There but for the grace of God and all that springs to mind

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I’m not talking about your work, I’m talking about the relevance of this post to this area of the site. That’s why it’s irrelevant.

It’s smart to try and play the “I’m such a good guy” card but it doesn’t make your ■■■■ slinging with the trust any more relevant.

I mean, that thread is irrelevant to this section of the site to though to be honest no matter how good your intentions were.

Mate give it a rest. Olly has been through a lot and a bit of decorum and moderation is the order of the day.


I’m no better than you or any other fan who goes through those gates mate, and I have tried to bring the war of words with trust to an end but to no avail, knock me for what I do wrong. Pal. And I’ll take your criticism all day, and try to learn from it , but knock me just for the say so , whilst doing nothing positive yourself, then sorry I don’t think I’ll. Pay much attention as said before. I’ll gladly let you take my place on Monday if wpm goes ahead, I’m a firm believer that fresh. Eyes are needed at times, and you always seem to have the Eagerness to voice oppinions so what better place than st the wpms as I said. We need doers , not. Gunners.

Got every sympathy with him. Doesn’t change my opinion on this post.

What’s what he’s gone through got to do with anything? He made the post. Not like I’ve burst into his hospital room having a pop is it?

I apologise to anyone involved with this site if I have posted in the wrong section
Not been a member to long and still finding my way round this great site, also there may be a few on here who know me and will confirm I’m definitley not tec savy bit of an olld dinasour where technology concerned ,
Again please accept my apologies as I have no intention of arguing with any Walsall fan, just wanted. People to know how our fans again. Backed there less fourtunate fellow fan, and wanted them to recieve the praise they deserve, and also wanted fans to know that Issa had. Done everything possible to resolve the issue in relation to the trust, But if those who run this site have any problem with eithier post, then will understand if they feel the need to take them down


Hmm… it was the bit about banning these discussions from the site that I was responding to, rather than the section that it appears in.


Not getting involved in the politics of it all, but you need to find a proof-reader.


Well I mean, I’m not sure why ISSA feel they need to use this website to put out its statements at all to be honest rather than using their own channels but maybe banning is a little harsh. It’s certainly irrelevant though.

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This forum is ‘All about Walsall’. Not ‘Bits about Walsall’. ISSA are welcome to use UTS to publicise their activities alongside their Facebook channel. Gives them a greater reach to fans who may be interested in what they’re doing, which is different enough to UTS that they are a complementary supporter group, not a competitor.

If it doesn’t suit you individually, scroll on by. Don’t flame the thread.