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I am writing to inform you, that a committee meeting of the Independent Saddlers Supporters Association (ISSA) has taken place. It is with deep regret that a unanimous decision was reached, that we are no longer willing to participate in future working party meetings. I can’t emphasize enough that this is not what we wished for, our intentions and goals are clear, the Independent Saddlers Supporters Association is for the benefit of all Supporters of Walsall Football Club, and a good working relationship with the club is still very important to us.

Due to constant attempts to cause animosity towards ISSA by one individual, along with unfounded and libellous accusations, which we intend to pursue separately, a working relationship with the trust is now impossible. We have reached out to the trust, and made a real effort to build a harmonious relationship. However, one individual appears to have a personal vendetta against us, and not only has a closed mind on there ever being a working relationship, goes out of his way to discredit us in any way possible.

It should also be noted that as a group, we believe the said person is working outside of the Trust’s own constitution. As well as taking any opportunity to discredit ISSA, but is causing bad feelings towards Walsall Football Club itself. ISSA is completely against this, and believe it doesn’t represent the views of Walsall Football Club, or it’s supporters. However it is clear that there are supporters that do believe what is being said.

Moving forwards, ISSA intend to continue to support Walsall Football Club, and it’s supporters, without question. To the best of our abilities,we will continue to make charitable donations whenever possible, we will always put our fans first and foremost in everything we do, and always continue to promote our club in a positive manner.

Our decision is in no way against our beloved club, we feel we need to take this action to safeguard the integrity of our group. We have all worked very hard, and are very proud of what we have achieved so far, we simply can not tolerate persistent attacks to destroy all the good we have done, and all the plans we have for the future. As it stands, it is our view that a working relationship is impossible with such an unwilling partner.

This isn’t a closed book, the door is always open. Our intentions are good and honest, a good working relationship with the Trust will always be a possibility. The Trust have made promises in the past in meetings, and then reverted back to type as soon as the meetings are over. The ball is firmly in their court to make positive change. As it stands we feel we can’t work alongside a group who holds ISSA in such contempt, works outside of it’s own constitution, and most importantly doesn’t represent the true views of our supporters.

Yours Sincerely

Dave Beckett - Chairman of the Independent Saddlers Supporters Association

CC Steph Gamble

  Leigh Pomlett

 Graham Whitaker

That’s very sad.

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Dave I can only see this as a bad thing for Walsall Football Club and our supporters as a whole as you and the rest of the hard working ISSA group have done nothing other than try to help the Club and supporters from the very beginning .

I can honestly say I have only ever heard good things about ISSA since I have been a member and you have done so many things to pull Club and fans together , which is more than I can say about the people that are trying to stop you from doing what you are trying to do .

I can only say that the Trust feel threatened by ISSA and feel like you are going to show what a waste of time they are as an organisation and have done nowhere near as much work for the supporters as you are doing .

On behalf of the Club and supporters please don’t give in on your attempts to bring us closer together .


Issa will not fold mate, we will continue to do our level best by all fans of Walsall fc, But as said it is impossible to have a working relationship with trust,
Whatever people think of me I play with a straight bat, and can look any fan in the eye knowing I’ve never lied to them, and never would, , and would always ask any question they wanted an answer to,
But this decision is a build up of other issues, and it needed bringing to a head,
No one and we do mean no one will ever stop Issa doing there level best. To help our fans and to also try to. Bring lost fans back to club, as well as going all out to capture the next generation of fans
And thank you for your show of support it means a lot to all involved


That’s a shame. It’s time for the Trust and it’s dinosaurs to pack up and leave it to the more capable and more worthwhile organisations to carry on.

I hope you reconsider this as you’re an asset to us as a fan base by going along to these meetings as we know you hold the fans best interests at heart above all else. Unfortunately as an outsider looking in, over the years I think the Trust has become a little group for its select few dinosaurs who haven’t got it in them to modernise or think of new ideas. I think the Trust need to remember that the reason there are other fan groups is because of in times of need, they sit on their hands doing nothing.


Who is the person who you feel is obstructing ISSA DH?

Club are fully aware Sid , and for obvious reasons we will not be naming individuals, hopefully as part of there own constitutional rules trust will carry out a thourough investigation and act accordingly, naming people could. Result in. This not being possible


The Trust is full of ■■■■■■■.

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Reading from afar, that indeed is sad news and I can only hope that the issue is resolved.
I hope the club take steps to help.
Due to my location and also that I travel abroad frequently my main contact with Walsall F.C. is through UTS and recently reading your comments on here about ISSA.
I think you are doing a fantastic job and may it long continue.

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Disappointing. I know who you’re on about. Surely a friendly lawyer can take your (documented) evidence and write a ‘cease and desist’ letter,outlining the consequences of non-compliance. ISSA’s views on the relationship between club and fans are far too important to lose over a squabble (and I appreciate that’s not the right word). You’re much closer to them than the Trust.


The Trust has been unfit for purpose for a long, long while. They are partly responsible for allowing Bonser to implement his schemes, as fans assumed that he was being effectively challenged and held (at least to some degree) to account. Forget it. They basically just turned up and consolidated one man’s right to get on the pitch for a photo every so often.

They were meant to be transparent about their elections last year. They made assurances to that effect. They had ‘learned lessons’ and would change.

Nothing has altered. Still no update on who does what there now, who is in which position, who is responsible.

Ignorant, incompetent, arrogant and useless.


Time for the club to step in, or is it a case of the trust fitting their agenda?

Isn’t it the case that the trust has legal standing in respect to fans’ representation at the club, or I have misunderstood that?

From the outside, it appears that this decision is biting off off your nose to spite your face? What does ISSA or its members gain from this?

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Issa will still have a good working relationship with club. But we refuse to have dealings with trust full stop until, they. Stop certain individuals acting outside of there own constitution, and represent fans in the correct manner

There statements in last working party meeting , stating fan representation on board was not that important, Where shameful
They have spent last twenty odd years. Stating that is there sole role. For existence , yet now they now it will never happen. It’s ok it’s not that important
Yet another shameful action of a trust so out of touch with the fans it professes to represent it’s untrue , but that’s just one of many issues

The decision to no longer sit with them was not done lightly and was. An outcome we have tried so hard to avoid, but it became evident we could no longer keep offering an olive branch and try to move forward
As said Issa will continue doing what we do , and that is put every fan of Walsall fc first and foremost in our actions

Issa will continue to ask questions on behalf of fans albeit not in the working party meetings


I’m not sure why disagreeing with another body within the working party would cause you to walk out of it though? Wouldn’t that be all the more reason to stay and offer the alternative view? I don’t know, I only look from the outside but perhaps there’s a good reason? Otherwise it feels the same as the labour party walking out of parliament and refusing to be part of it because they don’t agree with the Tories. Surely your reason for setting up is to offer and promote your views wherever possible?

People missing the point we are not stopping any interaction with Walsall fc. , we have a good relationship with club, But we can no longer interact with an organisation. Which contains individuals hell bent on discrediting Issa

There are many issues which have led. To our decision, and as said it was not taken lightly. But none the less it had to be made

Who are the members of the trust who have meetings with the club,and what are their job titles?

We asked them to fully identify those involved with trust and what there title was, At last meeting trust representive who was there refused to answer and said why did it matter
No doubtt now all this has broke they will now identify. Said people

Representive at last meeting. For trust also publicly stateed in fornt of everyone
Why is fan representation on board such a big thing
I’d say it’s a massive thing seeing that is your mission statement and end goal. As said in my opinion nothing but a shambles , and fans are being poorly represented by them now . Just as they have always been under its current guise
It certainly does nothing along the lines of what the original guys who formed it intended it to do , and as become a personal vehicle for a select few who show nothing but contemp towards there fellow fan/s


It does seem to me (as an outsider) a bit like a cosy little gentlemens club,who until ISSA came along didn’t need to make an effort to justify their existence,didn’t ask too many awkward questions or rock the boat.It just shows how cocksure they are when even you who have attended meetings with them don’t know that much about them,and they don’t think it’s anyone else’s business anyway.


It would be nice to hear something from the Trust just to get some balance into this post we as ordinary supporters only have one side of the argument at present .