It's not all doom and gloom?

The latest episode of the Yellow Ribbon Podcast is here.

Was Swindon a blip? Or was it a sign of where we are at? Has McEntee changed our mind with his midfield performances, and which position are we severely lacking in.

We also look at the club itself, is it cursed, and what infrastructural changes are in play. We also discuss the ticket offer and weigh up how good the deal is.

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A very enjoyable listen. My favourite bit was the three poor halves from our last two games resulting in a win and a loss, the loss being against the league’s in form side.
The doom and gloom after Swindon made it feel like we had been relegated.
I also agree Sadler needs to be given time because it’s utter madness to continually change managers.
We’re a handful of games in let’s be patient and see where we are mid November.

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I really enjoy this pod.

Out of all the pods / vlogs etc around this one and One Pod Beyond are the most enjoyable although I quite enjoy the fan chats Walsall fan tv have……

The only thing that had me shaking my head today was the discussion around our poor starts.

Is it Rob? Said he’d like to see us start games better and avoid early pressure / goals but suggested the way to do that would be to have WBs sitting a bit deeper and for us to literally clear our lines for the first 15 mins in games……

I have to disagree and in my opinion that’s what we’ve been doing and it’s what is actually causing the problems in the first place. We’re conceding too much ground and giving up too much ball to the opposition who are able to build a head of steam and momentum into the game…due to us being deep and giving away the ball.

I’d like to see us get straight into trying to dominate possession and get players high and wide and stretch the opposition immediately and to rack up as many passes as we can in the opening exchanges.

Other than that always a good listen. :+1:


The problem is that, after 6 seasons of tripe, unfulfilling and unsuccessful football, fans’ patience has worn very thin. And so, Sadler has to deliver, he hasn’t got much room for manoeuvre. He needs to stop making elementary mistakes. He needs to find a formation that makes the best of the players he has, instead of trying to shoehorn those players into a system that doesn’t suit them. We don’t have a decent right wingback or a decent left-sided centre back and so we shouldn’t be playing 3-5-2. We need to play 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2. And we definitely need to start with DJ. I really hope Matt sorts it out, and soon, but I have my doubts, unfortunately.


But we’ve played 8 league games and picked up points in 5 of them, should of in one other (Morecombe) and could’ve in another (Wrexham) playing all but 45 mins in a 352…or similar…it’s a push to suggest we should be moving away from it regardless of some fans personal opinions……although granted Hussey retiring has changed the dynamic a little.


Totally see your point about trying to retain the ball and be expansive and the dominant side.

I feel that the opening stages we have shown we aren’t switched on enough and we take time to settle into games, which is why I would try and sit a little deeper and play lower risk defensively until we have settled a bit.

However like you said, that then means we invite pressure on, and with some of the mistakes we have made, inviting pressure will not help with that.

Plain and simply though, we need to not gift so many early goals, and do it any way possible that works!


Rily PF DD Gordon
Knowles MCentee Stirk Oteh


Would be my starting team for Sat .

Give Draper a rest . Attack attack attack

I think Knowles misses the very next game…

That’s forked that then .

I like it other than that though!

Not sure DJ has the attributes to play has a lone striker.


But in fairness we could’ve also lost to Salford, they should’ve been out of sight in the first half.

Terrible lone striker cos it’s not his bag at all, he’s not tall isn’t particularly strong and isn’t fast. DJ works best alongside someone imo and we have a star in Draper.

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If we were always signing DJ (and I was a strong advocate for NOT) I personally feel we shouldn’t have signed Draper and one of Oteh / DJT.

I’d have started the season with DJ, Matt and one other (possibly Oteh but possibly DJT due to his age) and used Tom Knowles as the 4th striker.

I’d have used the wages we have on Draper and / or Oteh / Draper and signed a right sided player.

But in doing that there had to be an acceptance among everyone that Knowles would be a striker and quite possibly a bit part player and there aren’t many among us that have ever seen him as that.

But I’m not sure we truly believed we’d get DJ and maybe pushed the boat out to appease fans who weren’t happy with the managerial choice….and I also think Oteh came as a late idea.

If we’d had DJ and Oteh in place early on I think they’d be our first choice partnership right now with Knowles and Matt as alternatives.

Think you may have a good point there my thoughts all along also .and maybe a reason DJ and Sadler relationship not as good as should be .never a good think when someone your managing has the ear of your boss .just a thought might be completely wrong .

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I’m so looking forward to Saturday, can’t wait for the rain to drip on my head as I sit near the front of the big stand with the little roof, trying to listen to the team being announced on the ever so silent PA system, before attempting to buy a burger, or a sausage roll, or a hot dog, or anything else they have left in stock at 1400. Then I will pop inside the bar and have a lovely pint of over chilled IPA in a plastic glass that cannot hold its on weight watching a TV with the footie on with no sound. Then as I await the climax of my day the team will emerge with a dynamic forward line of of Matt and DJT who will no doubt thrill us with the high tempo attacking football. Hopefully the sun does not shine so DJ can warm up without getting sunburnt and he scores in the final second to rescue a 1:1 draw from jaws of defeat. As others have said its not all doom and gloom so get behind the lads, support the lad who is bringing a drum and lets chant for more than three sentences… Matty Sadlers Barmy Army as loud as we can.


Problem is you can’t rely on the weather !

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You should send that to the SLO. Great synopsis of the matchday :rofl:

Not total doom and gloom. Frustration for me is that Sadlers lack of tactical knowledge is directly costing us points. With someone more experienced in formations, in game management and substitutions we could be 5 or 6 points better off. Unfortunately for all us fans he is very much ‘learning on the job’

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Sadlers is learning on the job, I agree. But so is every single manager on the planet, Pep included. But his tactical knowledge has also earned us points. Yes it’s cost us some also, that’s management. It’s arguable that each time it’s won us points, it’s been another manager on the end of it whose tactics in not adjusting to what Sadler did, has cost the opposition points?

People would do well to remember than football is a game where everything you do is up against the exact same opposition trying to stop you doing it and trying to do what they do better….

It’s rarely if ever all about one person or even one team…let alone one club.