Jackson Smith Signs (Again)

On a permanent deal, one year contract.

Yet another tidy bit of business from the club :clap:t2:


Good news …looked a decent prospect.

Looks like he has even bigger sticky-out ears than Williams. :joy:

Solid signing.

Another great signing


I hope were not going to let him wear that wolves shirt!

Happy enough with this

3 of last year’s loanees signed permanently. What was that about possibly another RWB? :pray:

When are Cashman and Flynn Clarke coming back, that’s what I want to know?


Doesn’t mention any extension clauses, which of course doesn’t mean there isn’t one. But a 1 year deal? Doesn’t offer much initial scope for development and sell-on should he do well, especially as we’ve already had a good look at him already which should minimise the risk of say a two year deal with a further year’s clause.

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Would we have paid for A player on 1 year contract?
May Aswell have a year loan for cheaper
Happy with the singing but the terms don’t make sense to me x

If a team sends us a loanee 'keeper for free then the caveat would be they play most games.

Otherwise we could pay for a loan 'keeper, or do as we have done and sign a young (or old) backup on cheap enough wages.

Makes perfect sense to me.

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Could the transfer agreement just be a sell on clause and not necessarily a fee?

I hope there is some clause, in case he will progress beyond expectations. Anyway, good luck and good progress to be real competition to current number one :slight_smile:

I’m often sad when I hear The Smiths singing… :wink:

Jackson Smith sounds like he’d have been a 60s one hit wonder.

I think the transfer agreement is to compensate Wolves for their part in developing him should we sell him on for a fee. I can’t imagine that we would pay a transfer fee, we could have picked up someone else for nothing.

Happy enough looked decent what we saw of him bonus for the club another one on 500 quid a week.

Surprised wolves haven’t sent him out to be a number one somewhere but glad they haven’t. Nice back up.

Good signing. When have we ever tempted 3 loans back to the club?