January 2021 Transfer Rumours

Noticed today that Harry McKirdy and Theo Robinson have been made available for transfer by Port Vale in January. Could McKirdy play on the right and take the pressure off Holden? He’s a local lad and has always had ability. I fear that, without Rory due to injury over January 2021, we can wave goodbye to any hopes of promotion this season. Should Pomlett release the purse strings slightly?

We shouldn’t be signing anybody. With virtually no income it would be grossly irresponsible of Pomlett.


And the boss would never allow his minions to splurge cash that is needed for his, sorry, his Pension Funds coffers!

Of course I see your point @JumboTrudgeon but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few departures. I suspect that the only reason Gordon didn’t go to Burton Albion in the summer was that he got injured (a blessing in disguise?) Last night, Burton sacked Jake Buxton and they are desperate for goals. Similarly, there are rumours linking Holden with Sunderland (their new manager, Lee Johnson, rated him highly when he was Bristol City manager).

I also wonder whether some of our squad players might decide to move on / go out on loan (Nolan?) / retire (Sadler/Guthrie?)…

Wish they would to be honest…a chance for DC to play some youngsters, our season is over, we may as well experiment occasionally. Not that DC would whilst his favourites names are still in the hat to be available!

Some would be no loss to us, but I can’t see them ripping up a contract, so we’d have to pay them off. If Gordon and Holden do go for money, I’d rather keep it in the bank and spend it next summer, when hopefully, the general situation will be better. Plus I don’t trust Clarke to make signings, based on his record so far.
I’d be happy to write off this season promotion wise, sideline most of the senior pros, and give lots of opportunities to more of the kids, see what they are made of.

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Think most of the senior pros are sidelining themselves…

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Skip to 8.35 Clarke talks about the January window


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There’s a good reason for it too. One of our managers is a Vale fan and he told me this morning McKirdy and Robinson are the ring leaders of a group causing unrest in the dressing room.

No thanks, had enough of that with Leahy, Ferrier and co.


Its well documented he’s had disciplinary issues elsewhere too.

Sure he’s a tidy player, but we can ill afford a knobhead in the dressing room.

If they are desperate for goals, then they’d be crazy to sign Gordon :rofl:

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Issue with Gordon is his age. He was late to senior football and is 26 now, so his stock is probably as high as it’s going to be. If he’s going to get that lucrative contract that will take him into his thirties his opportunity is now. Unlikely he’ll sign an extension with us so wouldn’t be surprised if the club cash in.


No chance of Mckirdy no chance of Theo Robinson wakey wakey not happening can’t afford their wages we are sniffing round for free loans from bigger clubs to give us a helping hand which might I add is brilliant of them to do so.The best we can hope for is keep Scrimmy which all parties are keen on so I believe and add another couple of similar deals.


Not comparing the two in terms of ability but pretty sure that Vardy was 26 when Leicester signed him from Fleetwood (non league at the time)…


Much as I like him, I can’t see a top-ten Championship team (as Leicester were at the time they signed Vardy) going in for Gordon.


I would have taken McKirdy in the summer without a doubt. Given that he’s only been at Vale for a few months and is already available for transfer screams that something isn’t right with him. By most reports he was a bad egg at Carlisle and a change of scenery doesn’t seem to have changed anything. We’ve seen a what happens when a dressing room turns sour and at the very least our current crop all den to be pulling in the same direction. It could be a disaster signing the wrong character so I’d be steering well clear


I understand that Millwall have had a look. Gary Rowett is an admirer and has followed his career from his Leicester days. I agree that he would have to fight for his place (and I hope that he stays) but I think Josh could do well, given a run of games, at a higher level than League Two.

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Thinks he’s better than he is plays with a cocky attitude probably has a cocky attitude he’ll either learn and progress or carry on being how he is now and get nowhere thinking he’s a lower league Jack Grealish.

Playing with a cocky attitude is fine, having one on the other hand doesn’t end well 99% of the time.

Expect he’ll see non league soon enough

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