January 2024 Transfer Window

I believe that Trivela will push the boat out in January and make four quality signings. A right back a striker, Central Defender and an attacking midfield player. It looks certain that DJ will be on his bike before he completely ruins team spirit.
Hopefully a few of our injured players will be back fit which should give us a good second half of the season.
My glass is half full.


Half full of what is my question? :wink:


Pure Ethanol


Bovine excrement…How many January transfer windows have we had where we have sold players and bought in dross players on loan or on a 6 month contract to make up for the sold players and horde of injured players. Its the Walsall way, and I cant see it changing with the old blind remants of the old board mentoring the new blind owners

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I am positive about January. Last season was on Mansfield rather than our owners with respect to DJ.
They then made funds available to sign what were thought by most to be decent additions at the time. It didn’t work out for sure, but I don’t think it was due to not making money available.
I’ll be really disappointed if they haven’t learnt from that.

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I haven’t got a glass :sleepy: :wink:


Yes and no for me. Mansfield undoubtedly messed us around, but we had allowed ourselves to be put in a position to be messed around in. Better planning and giving ourselves more options would have addressed that.


Yes, I agree. The owners will hopefully have learned from that, particularly as we have two influential loanees now that could be recalled.
I do think though that Matt and Stevens were signings that showed intent from Trivela, they just didn’t work out.
That’s the reason I’m positive about the next window but obviously could be wrong.


And then you woke up from your dream

Hi, can I have some of what you are smoking?


It’s a permanent state of optimism and happiness :smile::wink:

based on what I have seen so far I would hope Jamile Matt could be moved out along with Riley. Neither were signed by Sadler and it would be in everyones interests if this happened. As for DJT, I was prepared to give him a chance. He does show some nice touches at times but he must impact a game much much more than he does so a loan out for him to see if that can help his development. If Draper goes back we need a replacement for him, and a RWB or RB with pace who can also defend. An effective winger would also be on my list, someone who can cross a ball and make a pass to create chances for DJ. Given the right service he will score goals.


Its incredible how this simple fact seems to escape so many people, especially in the ridiculously complex arguments comparing the forwards. Unfortunately it also seems to escape MS.


If we can get Menayese, The Priest, Earing and Oteh fit they will feel like 4 new signings in themselves.


With our injury ‘luck’ I will be surprised if we see any of these guys (apart from Mayo who just needs to get fit) again this season…particularly Earing who seems to have disappeared from sight.

I mean there was a post last week saying that Earing is now back training with the group

Hopefully not The Titanic .More likely to be akin to the Shrewsbury Coracle than the Bescot of the Seas.

Do you think the club / saddler is pulling a fast one ? They tell players to get an injury be out for two months and we then we think we’ve signed new players come January because we can’t remember them .
The dirty rascals that’s why we’re all disappointed come the tw :joy:

It’s nice to see some positive posts, makes a change from all the doom and gloom on UTS just lately :clap:

Feel like the owners will make a start on the Irish League connection in this window.

Season is now finished and because most of the clubs, with the exception of maybe Shamrock Rovers, they are only part time. So the majority of players will now be out of contract.

Perfect opportunity for us to pick up some players for positions we need.