January transfer rumours

Come on then guys and girls. What are you hearing?

I have to say I’m disappointed that it’s already two days into January and we haven’t signed at least two or three players yet.

Come on Pomlett / Clarke, get your fingers out! :smile:

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We’ve already transferred from Oyster Stout to Guinness in the bars - @chriss5471 is disgusted


Sorted that for you Belphegor…:wink:

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When in January do these things normally happen ?

The Express & Star is reporting that Accrington Stanley are favourites to sign Wes.
Good god is that how far we have deteriorated that we can’t compete with the likes of them ?

Ben Gladwin released by Blackburn. He was at Swindon a few years ago and played really well against us in a home game against Swindon.


That would be an amazing signing

That is enough to make us all quit football if that was to happen.

Gladwin has had massive injury problems. He has had three knee operations spent two years out and only played two games for the under 23s he has been very close to finishing altogether so wouldn’t recommend him tbh

Gaffney signing permanently on a three year deal.

Please No Christ No what a nightmare that would be !

Lets have a guess on when we will sign our first player I say the 17th Jan

If that happens I have no words other than wow…

Ash Hunter has gone to Salford on loan from Fleetwood. He would have been a cracking signing for us.

So Salford are not expecting Gaffney back then.

also forest green fans seem certain josh marsh is on his way there.

I’ll drive him I don’t want any fuel money either.

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So other teams are looking at their squads and moving quickly and getting them in before Saturday in order to freshen things up.

Come on Walsall, let’s change the habit of a lifetime and be on the front foot for once.