Jayden Reid returns to Birmingham after just one appearance for Walsall

Express and Star reporting that Jayden Reid has returned to Blues, and reading between the lines, he wasn’t happy about his lack of opportunity during his time with us.

This is the second time this season that a player from the Blues has come to us and been left on the bench and effectively overlooked. Assuming these loan players give some feedback to their parent club about the loan, I can’t imagine the Blues being very willing to loan us anybody else if this is all we can offer.

"There’s plenty of depth there but more importantly we need characters who will give 110 per cent to Walsall football club. If people are giving 109 per cent then they’re no good to me.”

Reid might be genuinely and reasonably frustrated, or a bit of an arse, but this comment from BD in the article leaves me wondering. Who are the players that offer plenty of depth (as strikers presumably)?

On the other hand we are lucky to have a manager at our disposal that managaged to only get 109% out of Reid, which of course isn’t good enough.

You think we didnt play the player enough so he’ll return to blues and tell tales on us thereby Blues will definitely declare us ‘dead to them’ - so you’re moaning.

If we’d played a player that wasnt good enough or had a lazy/poor attitude - you’d moan.

I’m starting to see the common element here…

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Put this down as another one of Clarke’s desperate signings. Not attaching blame to anyone still at the club for this. Not really bothered if he runs back to Birmingham City telling them what a nasty club we are for not playing him either if the last two players are the best they can offer anyway.

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Reid probably watched Dudds Grimsby pre-match presser.

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Not at all - I’m more concerned that we aren’t developing enough of a positive relationship with our neighbouring big clubs.

If we are going to go to the effort of arranging for and acquiring a loan player, surely if it’s going to benefit us, it should be a player who actually has a chance of playing.

If we are going to persist in using the loan market then we need to cultivate positive links with our local clubs, instead of being seen as timewasters - possibly another thing our DOF needs to cover.


Good grief, these are professional football clubs, not kids lending each others’ toys.

If he isn’t good enough in attitude or ability then he isn’t good enough. That’s why he was loaned out in the first place.


Birmingham city might be in league 1 next season the Way they are going ,their current team is league 1 standard so a player from the youth team of a club with a league 1 standard team not being good enough to get into our current team however terrible it might be is not exactly massive news .

We’ve played players like that all season. Reid couldn’t do any worse could he?

He must have been poor if he couldn’t get into THIS side :flushed:


Someone told me Maz Kouyour was offered a contract at Walsall and it was so low he’s signed for Billericay town for £400 a week so he can work during the week, He actually has a agent that asked Rushall if they was interested in signing him but they don’t pay that much so he ended up at Billericay ,Jamie O Hara is the manager there I think.

If anyone saw him play against Exeter, then I think you’d realise that him complaining about a lack of game time actually means he was no where near good enough.

He reminds me of a trialist striker you’d take to a game to somewhere like Halesowen Town away and give him the last 20 minutes, that’s about his level.

Saying that, Osei Yaw isn’t any better and neither is Gordon.

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He’s on trial at Hereford

He left a while ago.

Makes sense to be fair, what with our strikers in such scintillating form. Was never gonna get a shot.

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Quite literally.


Not given a chance pointless signing.

With his height he should have been an option for a plan B.

Exactly. Can’t really blame the kid. Imagine watching our strikers and then watching Osei-Yaw come off the bench.

I mean, if he came onto the pitch and found a red shirt it would be an improvement on some of our forwards


To be honest, it doesn’t look good. The question of course, for who more.

Absolutely, he wasn’t even given the last 15 mins when chasing the game… mind boggling management!

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