Joe Low

Scored the second goal as Wales beat Scotland under 21s 3-0.


Was it an attempted clearance that went wrong?

Isn’t that most of his attempted clearances?

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Was it a place kick?

More likely a misplaced one!

Gordon and Low need to score for us now.

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Wales must be in some seriously bad shape.

Some Low blows on here today.


Bounced off the top of the stand and past the keeper.

My old man said something very similar when Low had that poor game the other Tuesday night against Swindon.No doubt he’ll go to somewhere like Plymouth and be in a promotion race in the league above in a season or twos time.

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people said similar about Scarr in fairness i was one and he has gone on to do well.

Scarr was unfairly maligned. Could head,tackle and score at a decent rate for a defender. Yes he had a mistake in him but far less than White and Monthe. Him and Daniels with Norman replacing White would be an enhancement

Cameron Norman was cack too - one paced and too predictable - especially in league one. Hasn’t lit the world up for Newport either.


Was wrong on scarr also myself, but thought that both him and Norman were basically crap div 4 or non league players. Whoever saw the potential in scarr did some job for argyle


Plymouth wanted Scarr just to be in the middle and win all the headers which he seems to be doing apparently, which he also did here pretty much but was then expected to run with the ball and try and make things happen farther up the pitch and then that was when his limitations showed.


Didn’t they initially pair him up with really good, intelligent cb we loaned from Lincoln, Clark? That’s basically what scarr needs imo

I actually like Low .Only a young kid but a unit wins his tackles and headers decent pace a threat at set pieces. Not great on the ball but we play in the fourth tier .
He has potential for me to be a very good defender who could chip in with a few goals at this level and maybe the league above .



Scarr needed the right bloke next to him, like most defenders, John stones would look piss poor if I played next to him.

Roper was a donkey of the highest order but there’s a place for that in football. Low could easily do that job for someone if managed correctly.