Júnior Tickets

Continuing the discussion from Season Tickets 22/23 - Final Thread:

Has anybody had the refund for the £69 junior tickets

I queried when buying tickets today and they had been placed on my child’s ticket account!? So I asked for it to be transferred to my bank account (after taking out my ticket purchases), I’d just give them a call.

The amount you get back depends on the amount of times your ticket got scanned… so when the scanner was broken they have no record of the child entering and dont refund… I have heard … might be wrong

Didn’t happen automatically but I called up the Ticket Office and they arranged for it to go straight into my bank account.

Phoned up got mine back in 3 days did tell them hadnt scanned a couple of times wasnt a problem refunded all for me

Thought this was a thread about a new signing, a Brazilian centre forward or attacking midfielder called Junior Tickets. Alas…


I called them and they transferred the money into my account. No problems.

Was it the accent over the U that fooled you?

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