Season Tickets 22/23 - Final Thread

Final thread and poll - tried to cover most options

Choose the option that suits best for next season.

Season Tickets for 22/23 Season
  • Current ST Holder - Will Renew
  • Current ST Holder - Will Not Renew
  • Current ST Holder - Undecided for 22/23
  • Non ST Holder - Will Buy 22/23 ST
  • Non ST Holder - Won’t Buy 22/23 ST
  • Non ST Holder - Currently Undecided for 22/23
  • Overseas Fan - iFollow subscription
  • Overseas Fan - Will not use iFollow

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Followed Walsall religiously for 40 years but I won’t be renewing next season with this current regime.


Sticking with my initial vote from the other thread.

Next month is exactly 20 years since I’ve been going to watch us and I’ve barely missed any games, I’ll keep going no matter how shit we are.


At this point in time will not renew because at this point in time we look down and I’m not watching non league football.

If we stay up I’ll renew

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To watch us go down next season :grin: :wink:

One thing I will say is each to their own. I respect everyone’s decision no matter what it is, and hopefully others do too.


As of tonight I won’t renew.

Not saying that won’t change but as I sit here now I don’t want one.

Shouldn’t you be voting as an overseas iFollow subscriber?


Thanks, but no thanks Pomlett and his dysfunctional fools.

Not strictly speaking overseas here in Hull but it seemed the closest category. Will really miss the commentary if we go down (even with the lack of enjoyable listening recently!)

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It’s all this San Miguel and Alhambra Especial coupled with the measures of soco they give you, it messes with your head :blush: :wink:

Staying up and it’s looking like going from season ticket holder to picking and choosing individual games for me, plus keeping the ifollow commentary which I think at something like £45 per season is decent value.

Going down and I can’t see how we would give it a good go in the National League either. The only thing that has remotely going for it is that it would be a different variety of shite to watch/suffer than we have had for the past 2-3 years. Think I would probably watch a few games here and there and eventually drift away from going to games completely.

I’ve voted undecided but a season ticket at the moment either way is looking unlikely for me.

Ok. So within about six weeks I’ve gone - definitely yes, possibly not, probably not and now I’m a probably.

Fickle bastard me!


I’m now pushing towards probably. My final decision will be made on how much promise we show finishing the season.

Right now… 2 back to back wins… ill buy 5

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The investment in a top notch manager makes me think again tbh. I may feel used though


I say i wont but i’m bound to get suckered again! Hate the regime running or ruining the club but if this Manager can get team playing well each week its going to be hard to stay away. Its something I’ve always done and no doubt always will!

The 34% current holders who said they won’t renew


I have been looking at away game weekends :man_facepalming:

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I think they will delay the tickets as they can’t be sure what league we will be in, although hopefully we will start to pull away from the bottom. I think current season ticket holders should be given a huge discount for next year on top of early bird discount for the rubbish we have had to put up with this season. That would secure many renewals before we see the signings.