Kane Wilson

Looked a bit dodgy defensively in the 1st half on Tues, but his pace and attacking threat were excellent. Reckon if we could convince Brentford to let us rehabilitate Rico for the season, then we’d scare the ■■■■ out of every team in the division!

His first half in particular was poor on Tuesday I thought. Really struggled defensively but had a much better second half. Still prefer Devlin!

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Anagram: Saline Wonk.

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■■■■ Insole

My understanding is that Wilson was brought in to put pressure on Devlin. He also gives us a bit more going forward if required. He isn’t quite ready yet but is expected to seriously challenge Devlin for the right back position given a couple of months.

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Panic signing.

That’s not an anagram…

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Hes joined us on loan. I see he spent quite a few games on loan at you lot last season?

Thoughts please guys? Strengths? Weaknesses?


No strengths I regret to say …only weaknesses especially in defending! I think you have wasted your money on him.

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Oh dear, doesn’t sound to good. The Exeter fans seem to be raving about him on their forums and Twitter and seem gutted he didn’t go back to them. I suppose he didn’t cope too well at League One level though? Still young at 19 but we do need players that are ready. If I could say one thing though, im really glad we’ve brought a right back in. Somebody who’s used to playing in that position. Last Saturday home to Rochdale two of their goals came from that side, us having a centre half playing right back etc. Both our usual right backs are both injured. It didn’t help our shape etc and we were cut open by an average Rochdale side. They scored with all three shots they had on target.

Does Wilson have pace at least?

He’s quick, but defensively got shown up a lot last season. Keates also used him as a winger a few times of the bench, which highlights his defensive frailties. Exeter fans were really complimentary before he came to us aswell, so it might be that he just fitted in better to their system.

If you’ve got a proper defensive coach, I’m sure he could eventually develop into a decent League One full-back. :+1:


Yes he has pace but he needs a lot of coaching on the defensive aspects of the game. He might become a good player but he was a big disappointment last year…mind you our Manager/coaches managed to get us relegated so I hope you do better.

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He also cannot cross the ball to save his life

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Not really a memorable player tbh, he did o.k at Peterborough just before he was sent back, think that was only time I saw him play live.

Edit: Will probably be saying the same for Cameron Norman in a year’s time.

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Cheers for the replies fella’s.

I think loans are genuinely hit and miss. Cant remember many over the years watching Tranmere that ive wanted back or to sign full time. Like ive said in a previous post im just glad hes an actual right back, as last Saturday against Rochdale was painful to watch a centre half playing there being constantly caught out of position. Your probably going to tell me this new lad will be the same but he will surely be better than our centre half who played there. Expecting a good solid hiding at pompey tomorrow but you never know? Hopefully nick something.

Morgan Ferrier actually did okay when he came on as sub last weekend. Put himself about and had a few decent shots on goal. Worked hard too, but how long will that last in your minds, haha.

Morris was terrible though, very ineffective. Amazed he managed to stay on after that first half showing!

Ferrier can play and with the right manager might be make it in League 1.His problem is attitude…solve that and you will have a good player. Morris is an enigma…can play but all too often disappears from games.

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I didn’t rate him at all.

Yep already spotted it with both players, especially Morris.

I only wanted to sign Morris if we had stayed in L2. L1 seems out of his reach to me. Just doesn’t have the confidence and like you say goes missing during games. Far to predictable, cuts inside too often and never wants to get down the wing and beat the full back. You’ve probably seen this during games many times over the years and it must sound familiar.

Ferrier does look an interesting player but just hope Micky Mellon keeps him under control. Think we will need him a lot during the season. We could be getting investment soon though which could see a few decent signings before the window or maybe January. Lets hope so anyway!