Kane Wilson


Looked a bit dodgy defensively in the 1st half on Tues, but his pace and attacking threat were excellent. Reckon if we could convince Brentford to let us rehabilitate Rico for the season, then we’d scare the ■■■■ out of every team in the division!


His first half in particular was poor on Tuesday I thought. Really struggled defensively but had a much better second half. Still prefer Devlin!


Anagram: Saline Wonk.


Waken Loins
Leak in Snow


■■■■ Insole


My understanding is that Wilson was brought in to put pressure on Devlin. He also gives us a bit more going forward if required. He isn’t quite ready yet but is expected to seriously challenge Devlin for the right back position given a couple of months.


Winks Alone

Like No Swan

■■■■ Lesion


Panic signing.


That’s not an anagram…