Key signing for next season?

Scarr could be someone who next to a better centre back would be good at this level. Clarke has been generally poor and although I have alot of time for Sadler, he struggles these days in a flat back 4.

Yes it is a much higher level , in my humble opinion

The SPL (outside the old firm) a much higher level than League 1?

Yep , Aberdeen , Hibs ,Dundee ,Hearts when they are in it, are all clubs with substantial fan bases

He was a regular reserve team player in the 1960s but I don’t think that he ever appeared for the 1st team in league or cup games.

I’d agree I’d go with mid to bottom half championship level.

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Starting tonight hope he starts well because he’s one of those players who looks awful if he’s not on it .

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It’s on sky sports arena if anyone wants to watch him playing.

I personally think he is a good League Two defender. He has his weaknesses of course, but I feel he is one of very few that can be relied upon. Apart from fulfilling his defensive responsibilities, he has also scored three league goals this season - one more Wes McDonald for example.

Just had a brainwave of my own. My concern would be wages and I have no idea where he ended up after leaving Watford (along with a dozen other managers in the last five years) but I’ll see your Lee Carsley @davidusa and raise you with… Zigor Aranalde!

Expanding on my reference to Wes McDonald, I honestly feel his goal return this season (2 league goals) is pathetic. He should be yielding at least 10-12 goals a season at this level.

Just scored.


If his step overs equated to goals he’d be a 50 goal per game man.

Just turned it over to watch Chelsea :rofl: typical.

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He and Osadebe are both world beaters according to their Twitter feeds. On a par with Messi and NDembele…

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They are far from world beaters and they can say whatever they want on social media it doesn’t change the fact that they need to up their games massively.Wes doesn’t do what he can do often enough and Osadebe doesn’t do anything at all.


Doesn’t anyone on social media TELL them any of that?

Not on about fanbases.

but I’ll see your Lee Carsley @davidusa and raise you with… Zigor Aranalde!

Zigor is not a bad shout, junior. Carsley has more experience and a lot of contacts in the game.
I think he would jump at the chance to manage us, he will have something to prove and the fans will lap up his passion for the game.
I would welcome any more candidates fans may think of.

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Assistant at Valencia now