Kieren Phillips signs

Welcome Kieren hope you do well here at Walsall


Agreed …a young man who will need the support of us all as he settles into League football. I just hope we can also get a more experienced player to play alongside him to help him with his game.

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Really happy with this one.

Interesting background. Obviously has real talent but had a terrible injury that knocked him back. Still young though and should be hungry to make an impact. It’s a loan.


Huddersfield press release

Article mentions holding down a starting shirt

Welcome young’en hope you have a successful spell with us 10 goals would be nice :+1:t2:.So is that it for a striker then or are we thinking Kieren is backup for the main head we sign?

Welcome Kieran & best of luck to you during your time at WFC.


Bit of a mystery to me this guy. I’ll reserve judgement until I see him in action a few times.

12 goals in 11 games for the Everton U18s a couple of years ago and was then signed by Huddersfield, so he seems like a goalscorer and someone Taylor has really done his homework on.

Compare it to this time last year with Clarke going to Birmingham to ask if we could take Adan George on a free loan and it really does make you realise how far we’ve come in such a short space of time.

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It looks kinda promising. At least he probably knows where the back of the net is, even if in youth games. Probably both his club and he wants to make that next step. Good luck and many good games.

Good luck to him! Can’t be worse than any of our recent striker loans or Lavery.
Hope he does well and if he does stays x

Phil Pile-Sinker

Welcome Kieren, hopefully he will bag us some goals

Aspirin Hell Kip

I think this is a really good signing. I have full trust in the management team. Apart from
Eli, he has a very low bar in which to jump over for next season so not huge amounts of pressure. Bags of goals at youth level and he sounds hungry and determined. I would still like another striker who has for some sustained period in his career, a good strike record.

Let’s just hope those terrible ol’ Walsall’s fans don’t give him ‘dogs abuse’ as happened to Eli. 🥲🙄

This could be a real winner and excited to see this guy in action and grow as a person and player in front of a loyal and patient fan base.

Don’t forget Harry Kane spent loan periods at Orient and Millwall early on in his career , who knows

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Well I hope he’s better than him on his last performance … :wink: :laughing:

Phillips is still trying to make up for lost time after he suffered a horror double knee fracture as a teenager at Everton that required over two years of rehabilitation

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Really ?! Cheers for that @kejumian