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Kieron Morris’ Mother has her say


Enjoy the read.


Something’s seriously going wrong at our football club!!


What is going through her head? Would a grown mans mother get involved in any other profession?


Is that what is known as a “soccer mom”? :open_mouth:


In the match thread I said we were amateur.

I’m down-grading again to under 10’s Sunday League.

All that’s missing is …”all the other mom’s feel the same because they told me, but they’re scared to speak up in case Dean drops their kids”.


How embarrassing for Kieron Morris :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


To be fair why are people blaming the club for Kieron Morris’ mom being a bit deluded. I think this makes her/him look worse than our club.

Her precious little star has been ■■■■ for some time. Keates gave him a chance and he put in some good performances. He’s done literally nothing since with any game time he has been given.

I mean, it’s WFHYS. Not a lot the club can do about that.


She’s not going to do him any favours by posting that is she? :roll_eyes: He could have definitely played his last game now. If I was Keates he’d be on his way tonight!

Love the blunt response though - “Your son isn’t very good!” :rofl:


Dan Gilbert, whoever you are, you’ve summed it up perfectly. Top man.


Brilliant response by Dan :rofl::rofl:


Mommy’s boy GET RID sure he will find his level in the conference.


@DanG_WFC is Dan Gilbert


It really isn’t the time or place for her to be posting something like that, but the question of what has happened to Morris is a fair one. Personally, I’ve never thought he was an automatic name on the team sheet but,in terms of our awful defensive statistics, I think he was one of the reasons why we faired better last season than this because he could,then, be relied upon to perform his defensive duties. This season, on several occasions, he’s been woeful and culpable for poor defending- so what has changed?


Also to avoid confusion, this wasn’t posted on WFHYS, rather on a WFC Official post :joy:


Actually, his mom seems to have a bit of fight in her… wonder if she’s got a pair of boots…


Can she play Left back?


Morris is similar to Zeli but with less skill. Both can’t be arsed so ■■■■ them both off


I’ve always like Kieron but he’s going through the motions here. He needs change of scenery as he hasn’t done a huge amount since 15/16.

He’d be decent in league 2 so step down might do his career more in the long run as seems to be happening with Mal Benning now.

If she goes to the games to watch her Son I don’t see issue with her opinion.

Edit: As I suspected from that he was the main target of criticism after Bradford game. Also does show the obstacles DK has when he wanted to move on under contracted players to freshen things up.


Oh dear, the gloves are off now! How embarrassing for Kieron that his mom has a rant over her little boy not being picked to play with the big boys! Personally I feel that her son hasn’t progressed much in all his time at the club and feel he has been fortunate to have stayed as long as he has! Always on the pheriferal plays well one game, anonymous the next! Never been consistent throughout his career, should go, but I’ve thought that every season.


She’s referring to when he won us three points against Bristol, at that time he did look good and had confidence to have a shot however he’s not the same player now. I wonder if Keates has lost the dressing room and that’s why we’re not performing…