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Kieron Morris’ Mother has her say


Lacks any real pace to beat his man and he can’t shoot… the games up for him I’m afraid .


He posts on here!


Shut up David dean jr your talking out your arse


Morris is, and has always been, rank average. Has the odd decent game as any player does but no more than that. Had more than enough chances but hasn’t taken them.

Bye bye in the summer.


But he’s been not performing and blowing hot and cold for years. Way before Keates got here.


Says it all when he’s told he can leave in the summer, but doesn’t.


I’m not saying he’s a great player, I’m just saying that the point in time she’s referring to is that Bristol game. A lot of players aren’t the same now as they were at start of season… What has happened to the side is the question?


Yeah good point. Did her and her son not get the hint then? He’d have found a league 2 club easy at that point.


I’m getting to the stage now where I don’t care what league were in next year so long as the drongos in our squad (Morris included) are not there.


He has made nearly 150 appearances for us, so not like he hasn’t been given a chance at all. He’s an ok player at best for this level, you give him a run in the team and he’ll score one or two and you think yeah he’ll kick on, but then he’ll have a few average games and get took out the team.

He found it hard to get a run in the team at the start of this season because Ginnelly and Ismail started really well, then Ismail got injured, Morris had his chance, he had those few average games and then Zeli came back in.

The fact we’ve swapped formations quite alot this season means in a 433 system he’d be like 3rd/4th choice winger, he doesn’t fit the diamond system and the 442 like I said about Ginnelly and Ismail and now with Jarvis coming in, he’s fell down the order again.

I’m afraid that’s just football Sharon unfortunately.


That’s fine. If you’re asking me what’s happened to Roberts, Guthrie, Dobson and Ferriers performances I don’t have an answer.

But in Morris’ case this inconsistency is something we’ve seen over years. You can’t really use him as an example of Keates losing the dressing room because Morris has performed like this for some time.


I can’t remember who did it (possibly Whitney), but putting him in CM destroyed him at Walsall FC


Think it was Smith wasn’t it, or Whitney at end of the Smith season as he played in centre at Port Vale


Seen it mentioned he could be going to Cov. Wouldn’t surprise me, but he isn’t good enough at League One level any more. That said it could be AFC Coventry by then so maybe there is hope for him.


Yep. End of the play off season we ended playing 4141 with Morris and Sawyers behind Bradshaw.


The club have cottoned on and deleted her comments and the responses… too late as it’s all over here and other social media! :rofl:


It was Whitney towards the end of the 15/16 season


its found walsall fans have your say that should be fun.


It was on WFHYS. The club have no say over whether it was deleted or not.


They were screen shots of Walsall FC official Facebook