This might be a bit beyond WFC…

Seriously though, I absolutely love all these ideas but, as with update the Bescot Bar, where is the money coming from? The place is only open for 3-4 hours on 30 days a year. I dont see how we can spend large amounts of money upgrading. If we did, pretty sure some would moan thats its not being put into players. Not convinced the extra money generated from selling more pies would pay for the investment. The only way it might work is having a fully upgraded Saddlers Club that people want to spend hours in before and after the game.


You can’t look at it in isolation.


I very rarely use the kiosks for all the above reasons, hospitality should be part of the matchday experience for every fan, not just the ones paying £55 for the executive package. We should adopt the American style, you don’t even have to get out of your seat to get food or drink.


Lark’s tongues anybody?


Shouldn’t even have seats. Americans! coming over here installing seating.


You’ve made a basic mistake! You’ve taken time to think things through and formulate sensible options for consideration.

This is all for the average fan on the terraces right? Why consider their comfort/enjoyment when the great unwashed will put up with any old crap and still fork out every fortnight?


Thanks Tinned

Of course we must put up with bog standard food and drink (and bog standard bogs come to think of it!!) as the plebs on the terraces.

Perhaps I did put too much thought into it but I was on a bit of a roll with it yesterday.

All the best



We are taking real basics here though, my kids always ask for a hotdog . So our last two experiences are 1st time bread roll was burnt to a crisp and not fit for consumption, 2nd time they hadn’t even warmed up the roll meaning it was rock hard and again not fit for consumption.

These are just basics that they can’t get right and it’s not just on the odd occasion , it’s every bloody game :joy:

And before anyone says it , I am aware that it’s more fool me for buying it. But as the main point of this thread this is all part of the match day experience for them. I suppose Walsall Fc are just lucky that they know no different.


The problems are mostly to do with basic staff training, customer service, stock levels and just proper organisation. These things don’t cost money. They just need someone to give a toss about changing them!


That is very true. Football has changed though. In previous times supporters with knowledge of these systems would be encouraged to help and would volunteer their time. Now the club is just a business and supporters are kept at arm’s length. Wish it was the former because I want a true community club again, although in this case I have no knowledge and would probably end up selling ice cold coffee in the depths of February.


You wanna be thankful you never had to order drinks at Fellows Park. The hut at the back of the Street End was approached for most of the season through 3 inches of mud. If you asked for anything as fancy as a Coke they had to rummage around on the shelf below the hatch and find the warm, flat bottle of Coke that had been there for weeks :wink:


Fellows Park was brilliant like that. Fuelling and de-fuelling facilities were a little basic. Using either came with a health warning.

Anything beyond a Bovril and a Wagon Wheel was positively gourmet.


Never had you down for an Archers fan. Did you start going to Felpersham Utd during your selt-imposed exile from the Bescot?


I’m a trucker, I work nights,not much else on the radio at that time of night…:grinning:


You missed the first and most important item on the Kiosk Manifesto

Get rid of Bonser

Without that none of the other points can materialise


Bonser like flat tango and Hot Dogs… nothing will change


Kiosk staff are so rude. I walked past a little person with red hair and her language was vulgar. Could hear it from the stands. Don’t know what’s happened this season but things have gone down hill fast. To top it off there’s never any food and staff have no idea what they are doing. Do they not train them?


You get what you pay for :worried:


I didn’t pay money to hear a worker swearing and telling people to f off. I don’t know what is happening but someone needs to manage the kiosk staff better. Swearing when kids are around is not what I pay for and as for food there is never any left to buy


My post was intended to point out that if you pay peanuts then you get monkeys :wink: