Kory Roberts - Does DC rate him?

I get the impression does not fancy Kory Roberts. Reckon he prefers a much chunkier centre back. Not that I think that KR will end up playing that position.

Understand the manager sets and expects certain standards of performance for training and reserve fixtures. Which Kory seemingly isn’t hitting. But the proof is really in the pudding, actually playing 1st team fixtures, not what happens at Essington, surely.

If it was all about training and reserve games, Reece Flanagan, and Joe Broad before him, would be household names and have stands named after them.

Like to see the lad given a chance, perhaps at full back or sitting in front of the defence. Be criminal if he was just released in the summer based on this season’s playing time. Perhaps this E&S article is a ruse to that actually happening, talk him down to talk him up, If that makes sense.

I can’t really work out his policy with the youngsters at all if I’m honest. He gives out chances but I don’t think he trusts them.

Yes he gave Perry a run out and Bates and CCM had a spell in the first team for a while, but Perry and Bates have been extremely rare sightings since not really doing anything wrong at all. Neither of them looked anywhere near as bad as certain veterans he chose to bring into the club in the summer.

As for Roberts raising his standard well it wasn’t that long ago he didn’t look out of place in a mid-table league one defence so they can’t be that low.

He’s obviously not been the same since his awful injury.

It’s a shame, but we can’t keep passengers.

He didn’t look out of place against the Chelsea babbies, did enough to warrant other chances I would have thought.
To me he looks as though he might have the makings of a deep midfielder, protecting the centre backs, and he has a good range of passing.
I hope he gets a move to another league club and gets games there to show what he can do.

Tbf my mate played against him for Chasetown a few weeks back, he claimed Roberts was awful.

Maybe he needs time to physically return to his best.

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I hope he gets that here. As you said, looked absolutely fine when actually given a run out.

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Yes, I also hope he gets opportunities here, but not sure it looks likely.

Which is silly in my opinion. We’re awfully quick to be whinging about budget and having to do things “the Walsall way” so throwing away a player of Kory’s ability without giving him the chances would be beyond foolish.


Thrown in the deep end on his comeback as we had no one else, and was all over the place. Seems harsh.

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Whether he rates him or not he hasn’t been the same since his injury it seems. From a really good prospect to now being told he has to do better for the reserves is a shame but that’s all he was, a prospect. Many prospects with or without a horrible injury like that end up not making it.
If we want to improve as a club though then we can’t just keep waiting and hoping some of these kids break through, if they aren’t showing the potential anymore then we need to move on. A massive shame, but that’s football.


Has he been given the game time? I don’t think so. Play enough reserve games you become a reserve team player.

I think Darrell sees him every day in training and the reserve games, whereas you haven’t.


Said a spokesman for the club :wink:

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I have seen him play before though, funnily enough.

Strange, that.

I think it likely we will keep KR. …DC is simply giving him a managerial “kick up the backside”…worked recently respect of Adebayo. Lets hope it works for Kory.

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Not really :man_shrugging:

Yeah, shake the board negative spiritual medium hasn’t spotted that. Again.

I am not arsed either way to be honest. If he doesn’t improve then he can go for all I’m concerned. As sad as that might be - as he had great potential before that injury.

Seems strange to do that in the press to a player that isn’t even playing :thinking:

He’ll probably publicly question his mental strength next.